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How To Mount Your Cell Phone to Your Motorcycle Handlebars

How To Mount Your Cell Phone to Your Motorcycle Handlebars

yesterday wanna share your for awesome
action videos from your motorcycle the parking you
here hot to mount your cell phone to your motorcycle handlebars cause loss of blood this is the proper
in the bike mount now the way this council if possible
with 2 E’s announce one flat longer which is perfect for
things like your dash on some time gas tank or your home say he’s a helmet cam wall and we also
have access to hear called bike handlebar cuz told the
universal fits all handlebars up to an inch and a
half are you saying this guy happens on the handlebars media number she understands not be lost
because they were in the smartphone on the market was not
aware you have iPhone Android Windows Phone Nokia whatever it
is it’s going to work with that so here I have my phone accion thicker glossy
for quest now packed up you got my phone is not coming out
glossy and I have you see modular for here which puts in an hour
all mouth losses makes because for dolomite Pharma here clear users here you know you’re
good to go and ready to write so you can also just
a Aldershot problems in the sky and now you can see
how under the really just you take it how to mount your cell phone to your motorcycle handlebars said whatever you want for your video
here right he and the back your phone is
expose you can use things like recycling out
were in this case you can use your GPS for navigation is
pretty handy little tool nasa’s one show you this guy is a
versatile say tliat over around people back on now you’re for an awesome porn
videos yourself why right really cool to get a
different perspective go ahead and check it out can find it
lost the dot com retails for about 30 bucks yeah enjoy

3 thoughts on “How To Mount Your Cell Phone to Your Motorcycle Handlebars”

  1. If you have English captions turned on, at 1:45 it says "back on now you're for an awesome porn videos" instead of point of view videos lol

    Anyways, I'm debating on getting this. I think it'd look too weird on a helmet, and I would only be able to put it on the top instead of one of the sides. And on the handlebars, it looks like you can't adjust it left/right. Only up/down. Is that correct? :/

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