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How to move data between your Android phone and computer

How to move data between your Android phone and computer

Your Android phone is a powerful computer
in your pocket, and that means you can plug it into any Windows or Mac system and drag
and drop files, just like you would with a hard drive. All you have to do is know how to make the
connection. Before we get started you need your phone
and your computer and a cable to connect them. The same cable that connects your phone to
wall chargers should work. with a windows computer just plug your phone
into any USB port then turn on your screen and plug in the device. Swipe down from the top of the screen and
you’ll see notification about the current usb connection. Tap that notification then select transfer
files in the menu that appears. Now on your desktop, open up a regular file
window and look for an icon. it will show up alongside any other portable drives. click or double click and there you go you’re
staring at your android phone internal storage. you can click around and folder, drag and
drop files from your phone or PC, or manipulate the data pretty much any way you want. alright next, you got a Mac the process is
a bit more complicated for you. but don’t worry it’s still pretty darn easy. the main difference is that before things
will work you’ll need to download and install an official program called Android File Transfer. Once that’s in place, just plug your phone
into your computer turn on your screen and unlock the device and then look for that same
usb notification. Tap the notification and select transfer files
and the Android File Transfer program should then automatically open on your Mac and would
you look at that, you can then browse your phone’s storage and transferred files to your
heart’s content.

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