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How to Play Telephone for Silly, Mindful Fun

How to Play Telephone for Silly, Mindful Fun

the game telephone is a classic but you
may not realize how many amazing skills kids are working on when they play it
for instance kids are practicing listening they’re practicing turn taking
and they’re enjoying being part of a community with an energy that is calm
and focused it’s a great way to ground a group of kids if you have a play date or
a sleepover or classroom and the energy is wild and you need some way to bring
them all together and keep it mellow kids can get inspiration for what
they’re gonna say in the telephone game from their own brain or you can create a
little tongue twisters or funny sentences that they pull out of a hat. I first started using telephone game in our rehearsals before we even started
working as kids were coming in they would join up with the circle and it was
a great way to get everybody really mellow before we started in with our
robust work since the goal is to really hear what’s being said around the circle
so you get it right kids are just practicing listening in a beautiful way
that’s filled with play

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