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How to Preorder iPhone 11 Tips and Tricks!

How to Preorder iPhone 11 Tips and Tricks!

Hey guys my name’s Isaac. I’m going to show you the top 16 tricks
to pre ordering the iPhone fastest. Even if you don’t plan on buying an iPhone
this year, it’s good to know for the future. We’re going to go ahead and get right into
it. Top 16 tricks. Very exciting. First tip. Download the Apple Store on your iPhone. You definitely want to download the Apple
Store. You want to pre order from the app. Not the website, it’s a much quicker process. It’s been shown that the app typically refreshes
before the website. Tip number 2. Make a new page. I know this might seem a little silly and
unnecessary. But it just keeps your focus away from the
other apps. When you’re exiting in and out. Waiting for the app to refresh… you won’t
accidentally click on other apps. Tip #3. When you enter the app for the first time,
you’re going to want to put your zip-code in and you’re going to favorite your store. We’re going to do University Village. Tip. #4. Have all your information ready to go. Your location, pin, carrier information. The first time you go through the process
(I’m going to show you) it will probably ask for your PIN, 4SS, Apple ID, Password;
all of that stuff. Then the time you actually buy the iPhone
on September 13th you won’t have to enter all of that stuff again. It will just remember it. Tip #5. When you’re going to pre order. First question. Do you have an iPhone to trade in? No. Not only this time that I don’t recommend
to trade in, I recommend to never trade in an iPhone. The value is absolutely horrible. You’re getting much more for your money
if you just sell it somewhere else. Mercari. eBay. #6. Know your configuration. Now is not the time to start thinking “what
do I want”.

16 thoughts on “How to Preorder iPhone 11 Tips and Tricks!”

  1. 1) Its funny you think the new iPhones are going to sell out? 😬 sorry
    2) If I have to call my bank… to order a smartphone… where has our sanity gone🤦‍♂️

  2. Hey! My carrier is Metropcs so I can just click “activate later” and then take it to Metropcs to activate it ?

    This is just for the normal iPhone 11

  3. If your doing the installment program for your carrier do you know what we have to pay? [Just taxes] ? Or what else? Credit or debit card?

  4. Awesome vid, I just subscribed! I downloaded the apple store app rn and I've never ordered anything through it so it has no info and it has the apple thing so I cannot do anything till 5am. should I still use the app at 5am or my laptop? What would be fastest? My card is in the wallet app, but that initial info the apple store app asks for hasn't been inputted.

  5. Thank you so much for the tips ❤️my iPhone 8 Plus is still working I have my phone a year I have to wait 2 years later I going to buy a new iPhone we all need more money to pay its a lot money dam why iPhone doing that all the time

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