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How to record a phone call on the Samsung Galaxy S5 (no root required)

How to record a phone call on the Samsung Galaxy S5 (no root required)

hey guys this is Eddie the Magic Monk. In
this tutorial I’m going to show you guys how to record a call on your Samsung
Galaxy s5 now just keep in mind that you definitely need to ask for permission
from the person you’re talking to if you want to record the call so make sure
you’ve done that okay now let’s have a look at our phone okay
so the program that I want you guys to find and install is called ACR call
recorder so you can see here that I have already installed it and you have to
download this program you don’t need to root your phone or anything like that
just get this program on from Google Play Store once you have downloaded it, open it and go into options in the top right hand side and
make sure you click enable so right now it’s already enabled and then when
someone calls you your phone should automatically record it so I’m going to
test it now and see if it does that so I’m gonna use another phone and call
myself alright and you can see here that I’m clicking answer here so I’m
answering my phone and you can see here that it’s recording the call okay so if
I hang up now so I’ll hang up all right so I’ve ended the call and you
can see here in the list of calls, I can now just click on that and play the call right so it’s all recorded so the reason
why it’s not very clear is because obviously I’m talking to myself all
right so I’ve tested it recording an actual call from someone and the quality
is actually pretty good all right so that concludes the tutorial
on how to record a phone call with your Galaxy s5. I’ll see you guys
next time.

54 thoughts on “How to record a phone call on the Samsung Galaxy S5 (no root required)”

  1. This is great!  So simple and yes it works. I choose to not record those from my dentist, etc.  I had someone call and it is so simple.  THank you for this tutorial! It was very step by step, which I appreciate.

  2. You are a legend wow it works. I agreed to t/c. sheer genius. but I didn't have the options thing at the top it was enabled already. I tested it. 😀😊😆

  3. Very neat. Thank you. When installed, the app records calls automatically. Under call settings, it may be useful to set set "keep recording prompt" on (so that you are reminded that it is running, and do not keep unnecessary calls) and auto-delete after (say) 14 days. The paid-for version (very cheap!) removes adverts, lets you email and share the recordings easily, etc.

  4. Our new app Amazing Audio MP3 Recorder includes a call recorder (manual recording, and automatic incoming are both free). If you don't like automatic, you can press Record manually just like a regular recorder, and Pause etc.

  5. it doesnt work with Marshmallow. as soon as i updated to 6.0.1 ACR no longer recorded the other person, only my voice. time to find another app

  6. In Canada you do not need to tell whoever is calling that you are recording. In the USA You must have permission from the caller or else you can't use it in court or post it without hassles.

  7. This app's requires permissions includes contacts+network which seems to be unnecessary and permissive. Nearly all other call recording apps are the same. Install xposed call recording module instead. It only requires root during installation and root can be disabled afterwards.

  8. Check out this app "Call Recorder – SCR" . it work very well with samsung galaxy s3,s4,s5,a7,note3, note 5 and most android phone. it offers a lot of great features and it's FREE!!

  9. he didn't mention the permissions needed for this app to work. it wants access to your photos and media so I declined. why would a recording app want access to your personal photos and videos.

  10. NOP..

  11. Thank you for putting in your time & effort to share something that may help others.

    Someone has commented here that the ACR app requires access to photos & media. Will the app still work if these permissions are refused? If not, can you suggest a workaround, or maybe an alternative app for call recording? Thank you for your help .

  12. FYI-Check your state laws concerning recording calls. Federal law states that only one party to the call needs to be aware of the recording. So if you call someone and record the call you do not have to notify them that the call is being recorded. This legislature is to prevent 3rd parties from recording phone calls they are not associated with. Most states mirror this. few states actually require all parties to be notified. by-the-by this is for the U.S.A.

  13. You say you don't need root which is the same thing as this just a different website you don't want people ho get root yet your suggesting to get another app its the idzact same thing as root does the same idzact thing

  14. Ok quick question if I don't enable the call and then during the call I press enable will I be still be able to record the call

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