How To Record your iPad or iPhone Screen on iOS

Today, I’m going to give you
guys a little tutorial of how to record the screen
of your iPhone or your iPad or any iOS
device into a video file. That is coming up. [STATIC] Hey, guys, my name
is Tim Schmoyer. And it’s Thursday. Time for some YouTube
Q&A. Paul Turner asked this– how are you
recording from your iPad? Great question, Paul. I do this on my videos here,
on Video Creators whenever I’m trying to
demonstrate a new app or show you where certain
features are found and set up the new YouTube
app or something like that. And I also use it when I want
to have a mock whiteboard where I can draw and scribble and
draw diagrams and explain what I’m talking about. And the way I do this is
actually very simple, thanks to that Airplay feature
that’s built into iOS. Airplay lets me
display my screen on any device that’s
connected to an Apple TV. But in my case, I want
to display my iPad screen on my computer. And the way I do that is I use a
little program called AirServer that lets me display my iOS
screen straight on my computer screen. I open up the AirServer
program on my computer, and then it starts looking
for iOS devices that are using Airplay to
share their screens. And then I go to my iOS device,
go to Airplay to share it. And then boom, it just pops up
right on my computer screen. Now, the trick to
capturing the photos is actually just to use
a screen capture program. If you are a Mac, QuickTime has
screen capture built right in, screen recording. I personally prefer to use
iShowU HD, which I will link up in the description text for
you guys below this video. And I prefer it, because
it uses way less CPU power. So it actually has a lot
smoother video recording of my screen. It has way more options
as far as recording audio and other things. And it’s very easy
for me to select which window I want to record. And in this case, it’s the
AirServer window– and record only that, rather than
my entire desktop. At that point, I simply hit
Record on my screen capture program. And I do whatever I need
to do on my iOS device. And then when I’m
done, I end recording. And boom, I have a video file
of my iPad or iPhone right on my computer for
me to use to edit into one of my other videos or
just upload as a demonstration or do whatever I’d like with. I will link up to
AirServer and iShowU HD both in the
description text below, if you want a link to go
directly to those apps and find out more about them. And if any of you guys make
videos of apps or screen capture mobile
gaming or anything like that– I watch a
lot of Clash of Clans, so that’s always fun– I’d
love to hear from you guys in the comments below
about how you use this and what you capture
and what tools you use to capture the
video from your iOS devices. And for you guys on Android, if
you have some great tutorials about this, please link
up below to those as well. And if you guys are
looking for something that has to do with
Android, look for the links down there that
people are sharing. If this is your first time here,
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