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how to recover deleted files from android phone no root πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

how to recover deleted files from android phone no root πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Did you accidentally delete a whole folder
of photos from your Android phone? Are you looking for a way to undo it all? Well, you’re in luck. Follow the steps below and you’ll have access
to access your precious pictures in no time. No folder is safe from deletion in Android. You can accidentally erase any type of content
– be it images, videos, PDFs, etc. without notice. It’s not always the user’s fault though. You can lose folders from corrupt SD cards
or unexpectedly crashing phones. Fortunately, modern devices have built-in
features that enable data recovery. That means there are ways to recover lost
files you might otherwise think are deleted forever. First Method:
Hidden Folders Are you sure you lost your files? There is a feature that lets users hide folders
for security reasons. You may have enabled that option during phone
setup. To find hidden folders, follow the steps below:
Go to File Manager Tap Menu>Settings. Tap Show Hidden Files. Here you can check your camera or Music folder
or whatever folder you are looking for.These hidden folders will be blurred in comparison
to normal folders. Second method Back up and restore(cloud recovery) It’s possible you might have cloud backup
enabled in the background.There’s a chance you subscribed to cloud storage solutions
like Google Photos, OneDrive, or Dropbox running in the background. Without you knowing, your device automatically
saved the files to your account online! Even though your files are no longer available
on your mobile device, you can access copies of by logging into your cloud account. In Google Photos, for example, you can check
the trash folder for images that are not supposed to be there and return them to their proper
place. Tap the hamburger menu icon near the search
bar. Go to Trash. Select the images you want to recover then
tap Restore. Items in the Trash folder will be deleted
permanently after 60 days. Third method: SD Card
If you don’t have cloud storage, digging through your SD card might be your next best
bet. That is assuming you saved your files on an
SD card. For this method to work, you will
need to connect your phone
to a desktop or laptop. You will also need to download and install
a data recovery program like recuva,etc. Or on your phone you can try apps from play
store like deleted photo recovery without root to restore accidentally deleted images.Downloaded
program from android has lot of ads. There’s no guarantee that lost data will
be recovered.Most of time you get your data back. Prevention:The best way to avoid any inconvenience
is preparation. Android device users have no excuse to
not use Google Photos, Dropbox, or any other cloud storage app. While free versions have limitations, they
are enough for the average users. So you should have your account configured
in any of services mentioned above. Thank you.

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