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How to remove small stripped screws | stripped laptop screws | stripped phone screw removal

How to remove small stripped screws | stripped laptop screws | stripped phone screw removal

in this video I’m going to take a look
at how to remove some small rounded off screws to start off we’re going to
remove a screw which is a recessed hole and that has actually been rounded off
completely and we can’t actually get that undone and if you try turn it, it’s just
spinning around on the head one of the first things you can try is an elastic band this
works very well on some damaged screws simply take the elastic band pull it
over the end of the screwdriver bit like so and in some cases that will actually
enable you to grip the screw and remove it with this example
I don’t think it’s going to work because it’s actually in a recessed hole as
well but we will just give that a try that’s not actually doing a great deal
so what you can do because the screws are a lot smaller is you can actually
try a latex glove so I’m just going to take a magnet which is Neodymium I’m just
going to place a screwdriver through that and that will magnetize the end of
the driver bit I’m going to rip the thumb off there, put the screwdriver in there we’ll see if that
will remove the screw it does feel like it is undoing there we
have actually got the screw out if you take a look at the end of that you can
see that it is quite badly damaged that’s always the easiest option trying
an elastic band or a latex glove etc and also if you’ve got a magnet that can
help to remove the screw from a recessed hole in this example we have a phone
case and a couple of these screws have been rounded off completely
these actually use a 1.5 millimeter hex key or allen key that is very small and
if we use that in some of these we can actually undo them and remove them again
I’ll just get the magnets again to pop that screw out these are so badly
stripped that the elastic band method definitely will not work or the latex
glove so with these we’re actually going to use a different technique these are
the Trend Micro Grab It bits which are a type of damaged screw extractor these
are designed specifically for use on small screws like this so what we can do
with these is we can take the smallest size which is that one we could put this
into a small drill we can use that end first to burnish the hole and then we
can use that end which is the screw extractor part and there’s every chance
that that will undo that screw and pull it out and actually they are so badly
rounded that we don’t actually need to use the burnishing part so I’m just
going to put this in the drill I’m ensuring that the drill is in reverse
and I’m also choosing the slowest speed so I’m now going to get the micro Grab
it I’m going to push that into the screw and I’m gonna slowly try to undo it and as you can see that works very well
indeed you know I just need to remove that from the end of there and that has
gripped it really well so they are absolutely fantastic and
they make this kind of job very easy indeed another option is to use a
left-handed drill bit these actually work in Reverse so a normal right-handed drill bit turns clockwise these actually turn and cut anti-clockwise
obviously there’s gonna be a bit of swarf this time so I’ve got the magnet
inside of the latex glove that should collect the majority of this swarf again
I want to ensure that the drill is in reverse and on a slow speed as you can
see that actually bit into the screw and removed it quite easily
another thing when you’re trying to remove screws is that sometimes the
actual thread on the screw itself is damaged or the bit that it is screwed
into and if that’s the case you’ll often find that when you are on screwing it
even if the screwdriver head has got good contact that you can’t remove the
screw so it’s always a good idea in examples like that to try and get some
kind of leverage under the part that you are removing so for example
sometimes you can use your nail sometimes you might need a bit more
leverage using something like that you simply put that in there lever it
up and that can help tremendously when you’re removing some screws especially
the threads on the screw are stripped in this example we’ve got a couple of T5
screws which are rounded off and that is the actual driver for them and you can
see that these are very small indeed so there’s just not chance at all of us
un-doing them the driver just spins around completely what you can do with screws like this is you can
actually try a piece of tinfoil often called aluminium foil this is what we
use when we are baking etc and sometimes that will fill the hole enough to
enable you to grip it so I’m just going to put that over the screw and then I’m
just going to press down until I find the hole and then I’m going to try to
undo it and by doing that you’d actually just
fill the hole in the screw and that enabled us to undo it that is very
similar to the elastic band or the latex glove is just something else that
you can try if you have a rounded off screw another thing you can use is super
glue or epoxy if you use epoxy it does take quite a while to go off so I’ll
just demonstrate this one again as you can see that just spins around there
completely it’s not gripping to anything I’ll apply a bit of super glue to the tip
of the driver I’ll then place that in there and we’ll just give that a couple
of minutes so that’s been in there for about a minute and I’ll see if we can
undo that and as you can see that works perfectly
so that’s some of the techniques that you can use to remove small stripped or
rounded screws I hope you found this video useful if you have and you haven’t done so already please subscribe to the channel

100 thoughts on “How to remove small stripped screws | stripped laptop screws | stripped phone screw removal”

  1. Using tin foil for baking who'd of thought it😀😀👍. You don't strike me as a Mary berry type,😀😀. Thanks for the video very useful tips👍👍👍👍

  2. I recommend to everyone to forego the crazy glue solution: you don't want to risk having a bigger problem by gluing into place a screw that can't be undone by a screwdriver other than using the other masterful solutions offered like the elastic, latex glove or foil..

  3. You have some really good ideas there and especially like the left handed drill and the grabit device, brilliant combined with the magnet to collect the bits 👍

  4. With the glue solution, aren't you ruining the screwdriver head? But great video, thank you. One more thing to ask… What are left handed drill bits used for? The result is a hole or chamber just like a right handed would do.

  5. Thanks for the useful tips. Who’s the cack handed so-and-so in your house who keeps stripping threads? Just a thought, if you used mitre bond ( which is basically superglue) and activator, the glue would set in about ten seconds.

  6. Im not going to lie if I didn't have the sound up I would have said you were just about to use a condom when you had the latex glove

  7. This is one the most useful videos iv'e seen on utube, absolutely brilliant ,would't surprise me to learn he comes from the north of England.

  8. I didn't realise I had left handed bits till I saw this I thought the went both ways lol. And a lil tip if you want the glue to set immediately ad a tiny drop of water, not to much and it's solid straight away

  9. Great tips (no pun intended) for recessed screws. I've found that "Vampliers" are pretty good when the screw head is exposed – they're also useful for security screws when you don't have the right bit (who'd use one for a security tri-wing, as found holding in a smoke alarm detector module, more than once ever?).

  10. The next problem is finding the right size tiny screw to replace the stripped one. I have a small bin (labeled tiny screws) where I throw screws I've salvaged.

  11. If you want Superglue to go "off" immediately, sprinkle a little baking powder on it it will set straight away [used this trick many times]

  12. You could also use a rubber latex Condom if your willing to sacrifice a little bit of protection / PPE. 😅😆 desperate times call for desperate measures lol.

  13. I've never seen screw extractors as small as the set you showed and used here. What was the brand? Is it possible to put up a link to where we can find them for sale online?

  14. By the way, although it's definitely not one of my favorite places to shop, here in the states Walmart usually carries a good selection of small screwdrivers with replaceable tips that fit into a miniature nut-driver type of handle, as well as kits with the various pry tools to take apart a cell phone or TV remote control or whatever. Lowe's was closing out their stock of Kobalt Tools last fall, and they had all kinds of really nice small screwdriver kits of better quality than the ones offered at Walmart. I don't know if anybody will be retailing Kobalt Tools now, but I imagine you can probably find them online. It's important to have miniature screwdrivers with long skinny shanks and hardened tips, because so many modern devices have the screw half-hidden inside of a tunnel like recessed area in the plastic case or housing.

  15. Here is a challenge for you. Try removing damaged screws from a watch mechanism. Trust me, it is very hard. But I did learn something from you today, so I thank You

  16. hello, ive destroyed the head of one screw on my casio watch. Is ther any way how i could remove the srew? You think the super glue method will work?

  17. Great video – I'm trying to replace a cooling fan on my laptop and found that the #11 screw on the heat sink (the next to last one) was stripped. It must have happened at the factory because this is the first time I've cracked open my laptop. The foil method didn't work for me, and I couldn't find a rubber band or latex glove, but I'm going to try the superglue method later today. Keeping fingers crossed that it works…

  18. When you remove a screw with a left handed drill bit, are they reusuable again? (Not sure why i would want to, but just asking)

  19. To grap a rounded hex/allen/unbrako screw, sometimes a straight screwdriver does it, sometimes it needs a little tap to notch in.

  20. I have a ? This mite but its from metal gear rising n jet stream Sam's murasama sword n I got this from Amazon except with the gun saya idk if u saw one but wut tool do I use for a small screw or nail?

  21. I'm really pissed right now so I'll list all my attempted and failed methods with the last screw I need to deal with before being able to open my laptop and clean it:
    – Rubber band
    – Wrapping paper
    – Loctite super glue
    – Aluminium foil
    – Hot silicone
    – Tin solder
    – Insulting and hostile staring

    I'm considering seriously using a drill even if I destroy the whole screw.

  22. All these companies need to stop using pretend metal for their screws… specifically guitar pickup companies… some of them strip from absolutely nothing.

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