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How To Repair A Broken Laptop Screen – 15-ba088nr | Laptop Repair | Get Fixed

How To Repair A Broken Laptop Screen – 15-ba088nr | Laptop Repair | Get Fixed

What’s up guys Bendji D here from Get
Fixed and today i’ll be teaching you how to fix an HP screen that broke pretty
much i’m not sure what this person did to it but it is shattered I’m gonna
bring it up right now and show you okay flip it over alright let’s turn it on
and BAM okay so now here’s the first step the first thing you want to do is
find the model number of your laptop the way you usually do that is you’ll be
able to find a label in the bottom of the laptop that says the model number on
there we’re gonna flip it over now and there it is right up here now what you
want to do is go onto eBay or Amazon and type that exact thing in and do screen
replacement cause once you type that in you should be able to find your
specific laptop if you’re having a hard time finding your specific laptop it’s
most likely because there’s no manufacturer selling those instead there
are people online that sells parts to their laptops and I was able to find one on
eBay so the first thing you want to do is remove the plus screws you do that by
using a Phillips screwdriver looks something like this a plus we’re
gonna get all the screws off first and I’ll show you the next step okay okay
now what you want to do is peel the shelling off of the laptop just like
this by the way all laptops are different not all of them are gonna open
up the exact same way this is pretty much just some general information of how to
fix your screen so the first step is to take off the housing of the laptop I don’t do laptop repairs often but I do
take things apart a lot which is exactly why I have the skill of repairing pretty
much anything regardless of what it is even if I’ve never seen it before I am
able to repair it there may actually be screws underneath
this thing right here I’m not too sure but some laptop seems we have hidden
screws so we’re gonna peel this off and find out nope everything is good here
let’s take out the battery if you are feeling some type of
resistance when attempting to open up the laptop you do want to check to make
sure that you removed every single bit of screws or else you might mess it up
all right oh so this is where the resistance is
coming from as you’ve seen there when I attempted to loop this up this was
actually stuck underneath the motherboard this is actually the CD /
DVD slot and it was stuck up there but now we should be good let’s see still
something there oh okay there’s a slight chance that there’s a screw underneath
here and also on this side so I’m gonna flip it over one more time remove that
rubber little padding thing and then see if there’s a screw there okay right up
here okay hidden screw underneath this padding
let’s do the other side and there goes the other one right there there it is
there goes there it goes yeah oh now we can actually set the bottom plating
aside and work on the actual laptop right now our main objective is to get
the housing open for the LCD we’re gonna do that now should see a seal here see
this little crack here you should be able to insert your nail into it and
just pull it open yes unclip unclip unclip it oh let’s try that again
unclip one clip clip nope it’s not coming out there it is did it ah no no
no all right
there are some screws here holding the LCD in place there’s one down here
there’s one right up there I don’t know if you could see that there it is right
up here on the other side right over there and down there all right we’re
gonna take off we’re going out and we should be able to pop out the LCD and
also disconnect the flex cable okay and here is the LCD what you want to do with
the LCD is disconnected you want to be extremely careful so you don’t break
this cable over here but you do want to disconnect it and then put in the new
one we’re gonna untape it all right set this aside this is no longer needed Wow
I know I did my research and everything I was able to find the model number and
find the exact one but I’m still hoping that this is the exact same one not
something else okay please fit in the back there it pretty much tells you not
to touch the screen why because you’re gonna leave fingerprint marks that’s
gonna be extremely hard to get off but thank God they have this so I could just
peel this off and it looks brand-new again but after this I am NOT gonna
touch the LCD again okay we we okay now we’re gonna put the new screen in place
the first thing you want to do is connect the LCD cable right down here
grab that you do want to be extremely careful you don’t want to damage
anything so I’m connecting this now nice alright now before you ever close
anything in the process of repairing you do want to make sure it works first so
you don’t to go right back in there and do
everything over again and then close it back up again so you do want to check to
make sure everything works properly we’re gonna test that now by powering it
on it on oh I do have to plug it in to charge again okay perfect so we’re good
to go now we’re gonna put the laptop back together and I’m gonna make my $40
profit alright we could power it back off you don’t need this no more we’re
gonna put the LCD housing back on make sure everything is aligned properly and
push it into place like that okay so now the last step is to put the
back back on and put all the screws back in place but first I did realize why it
was getting stuck in the beginning it’s because of the cd-rom it’s supposed to
be out before you even attempt to pull the back off and I was having a hard
time taking the back off because of that specifically so I took it off now I’m
gonna stick the back plate in back on just like this make sure it’s sitting in
place put the screws back in okay so now the last step is to put this
back in place and you’re pretty much done from there bow wait oh man
okay so it’s not going completely in and I know exactly why that is if you look
over here there is a screw positioned there and if you look out the CD thing
you’re gonna notice that there’s a screw slot meaning this screw is getting in
the way of this and in place so we’re gonna get rid of the screw now all right
set it aside stick this back in and you should go in completely now because the
screws not there to stop it and there it is and there you have it if
you have any questions let me know down in the comments below don’t be shy don’t
be afraid don’t be scared if you new to this channel consider subscribing I will
have more videos like this in the future anyways guys Bendji D here from Get
Fix I really do appreciate you being here and I’m out. Peace!

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