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How to Repair an iPhone 5 Screen Fix-It Guide and Teardown Tutorial

How to Repair an iPhone 5 Screen Fix-It Guide and Teardown Tutorial

iPhone 5 repair glass assembly for this project you’ll need Screen suction cup tool Pentalobe Screwdriver Printable Screw organizer sheet start by turning off your iPhone 5 remove the bottom screws using a
pentalobe screw driver we are going to separate the screen assembly from the chassis place the suction cup and pull upward just enough so that there is a gap in between the frame and the screen assembly use you case opener tool and work around the gap until it’s loose pull the screen back there are still cables attached underneath remove these next three screws including two shields that hold down the battery connector remove these next three screw and the shield disconnect the battery disconnect the LCD digitizer front facing camera assembly cables we can now safely remove the screen assembly remove these next two screws that hold down ear speaker and the front camera assembly remove this small plastic washer using a case opener tools carefully remove the front camera assembly it’s held in place by some adhesive remove these next few screws holding down the LCD shielding plate remove these next 2 screws that hold down the ribbon cable gently pry up the home button cable it’s still attached by some adhesive we are ready to replace the old front screen assembly with a new assembly place the home button into the new assembly reinstall the home button ribbon over the home button don’t forget to secure it by pressing on the end contacts where there is adhesive reinstall the LCD shielding plate reinstall the front camera assembly reinstall the small plastic washer re-install the front camera assembly carefully reinstall the screen assembly reattach the 3 cables make sure they snap into place reinstall the shield cover we can now secure the front screen assembly to the frame make sure the top is flush and then work your way down pushing down towards the bottom until the screen is flush with the frame once the screen is flush reinstall the pentalobe screws at the bottom iPhone 5 screen repair complete!

52 thoughts on “How to Repair an iPhone 5 Screen Fix-It Guide and Teardown Tutorial”

  1. The bottom left corner of my screen kind of 'Clicks' down slightly when I press it. It happens almost anytime I hit the home button. Do you think tightening the bottom screws would fix this?

  2. Yoo my screen crack can i just replace the screen or do i need to replace the lcd to? Dont wana pay 229 for an reapair from apple

  3. my screen crack but the LCD and The Touch works normaly! i need only to change the glass or all the SCREEN DIGITALIZER ?! that cost me like $280…. Help me i subscribe to your channel, TANKS…

  4. So what the Chinese and some people who are selling on ebay as a seperate part, like the glass piece on its own are basically scaming people, in tricking them to buy just the cheap glass replacement of the iphone 4, 5 and it doesnt work?

  5. It is a shame and yes that is what they are doing! It's a complete scam to sell a glass only part, when they know it will not do you any good for repairing an iPhone.

  6. unfortunately the replacement of the digitizer screen replacement are consting between £70-90 for the 4-4S, and £158-215 for the iPhone5, just hope they bring the price down sooner, because I dont think everyone will be able to aford it, especially to get the screen replaced.

  7. my iphone 5 screen cracked.. everything is ok, it still work perfectly. does the screen and LCD are one? or i can just buy the screen separately.. please help im confuse what to buy!

  8. You don't need to disconnect the battery just the 3 screws at the top and the shield then replace the screen

  9. Good video buddy, I have a question regarding the components using "adhesive" combined with screws for securing equipment.
    Does the new replacement screen have some adhesive material installed ready to go ?
    Will the old equipment that has left over adhesive on it require some sought of cleaning before it is joined to the new screen ?.

  10. On the small parts, there should be enough left to reuse the adhesive. You can also use e-6000 adhesive if you want to secure it even more.

  11. thx,just bought an I5,was looking at whats involved in screen repair.
    Now i know whats needed and if i can do it or go to a repair place.
    now to search for parts and tools cost vs repair cost at shops.

  12. Ive looked on how to replace your iphone screen with a new one, but all of the screens ive found do not have the silverish ''sheilding plate'' on the inside, do you need this?

  13. The tutorial is good although most replacement screens do not come with the Camera alignment plastic or Prox/Light sensor plastics installed so you will need some glue to install those also.
    The screens can be separated and Glass only put on but it is difficult and not recommend unless you have the equipment/experience. Especially since screens are fairly cheap now. 

  14. this is the best step by step iPhone 5 glass and display replacement tutorial I found.  Spot on with directions.  Thanks.  

  15. I disconnected the LCD+Digitizer before disconnecting the battery. However the battery was completely dead when I was doing the repair. But When I turned on the phone after the repair. The LCD has shades of grey with dotted lines across the screen. Is the phone permanently damaged?

  16. Thank you so much!  A perfect guide… so happy to do this myself.

    One note for others about to do this… if your front facing camera seems out of place when you look at the front of the new screen (mine did and I was nervous), it will re-center itself when you put the screen back on as the last step.  

  17. the top of my iPhone is not closing properly but the bottom is. I put everything in right can you help me please?

  18. i need your help. i dont know why but after changing the screen which worked fine for a while, the screen started not responding in some things. if i shut it down and reopen it it seems to work for a while and again is becoming non responsive. Any clues why this is happening or is there something i might do to help?

  19. is it true that with the completely assembled screens with home button and camera that you still need to change out the home button with your original so the fingerprint scanner will work?  

    How is the quality of your screens?  

  20. hi guys I replaced my screen on an iphone 5 and alls that is cuming on is the back ground light ,any ideas what the problem is?

  21. Can I ask why you removed the battery clips when you powered down the phone before starting the repair? I note that you do not remove the battery connector.

  22. My iphone screen is totally black with some white lines. I cant see my screen at all but i can still hear some sounds like i was still able to open some apps… what do you think is the problem of my phone?

  23. Thank you for your video man has helped me save some money, and learn more about fixing my phones. Much Respect.

  24. Great tutorial! just finished changing the screen for my iPhone 5,. Your instructions were spot-on… thanks for taking the time to make this video and posting it… it was a great help

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