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How to Repair Small DC MOTOR in 3 Minutes || Fix Broken Brush

How to Repair Small DC MOTOR in 3 Minutes || Fix Broken Brush

DC Motor Whose Brush is Broken πŸ™ Removing DC Motor Broken Part Replace the Old By New Wires These are new Brushes Fix it Firmly Adjust To Centre Rejoining!! Testing It Works Fine πŸ™‚ Try this if You Have Broken Motor,Definitely it will work

48 thoughts on “How to Repair Small DC MOTOR in 3 Minutes || Fix Broken Brush”

  1. Thank you for sharing. I actually got the courage and fixed my boy’s Gears motor! All I had to do was re-twist the wires in the back a little thank goodness! Thanks again for this clear demonstration. πŸ™

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  4. I will not work long. I repaired few motors that way and working only few minutes. That's because brushes are springy and wires aren't. Only possible repair is repair it from second broken DC motor by replacing one of brush. If you can by springy/flexible wire than repair will be possible, also you should notice that the surface in contact with motor is lower.

  5. i use my shaving machine on charging now machine is not working properly some time its start and some time not working how to repair. is it fault of dc motor?

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