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How to repair the HTC One M9 Battery

How to repair the HTC One M9 Battery

HTC One M9 Battery Repair Warning: You are performing this repair at your own
risk We claim no responsibility for any damages
that might occur To perform this DIY repair, you will need
a – Plastic Triangle Opening Tool (5-0007, Available
at Nylon Spudger (Item # 5-0022, Available at SIM Card Ejection Tool (Item # 5-1342, Available
at Fine Tip Curved Tweezers (Item # 5-1370, Available
at Professional T5 Torx Screwdriver (5-2429,
Available at Professional Phillips Screwdriver (Item # 5-2432,
Available at Power down the HTC One M9 smartphone. Eject the microSD card tray and then the nano
SIM card tray. Persistent picking at the top of the HTC One
M9 reveals a couple of Torx screws. Remove the following 2 T5 Torx screws. With the top panel’s screws removed, use
the triangle opening tool to release the clips securing the rear case to the body of the
phone. Remove the following 2 Phillips screws. Detach the battery connector from the motherboard. Release the ZIF connector and detach the loudspeaker
cable from the HTC One M9 motherboard. Remove the following T5 Torx screw. With the fine tip curved tweezers disconnect
the 2 signal cables. For the ensuing 3 cables, peel up the Kapton
tape and release the ZIF connectors. Disconnect the following 2 signal cables from
the motherboard. Carefully pry the HTC One M9’s rotational
vibrator away from the rear case. It is lightly adhered to the case, and soldered to the motherboard. Peel up the tape and use the tweezers to disconnect
the signal cable. For the next 2 cables, peel up the Kapton
tape and release the ZIF connectors. Remove the following 2 T5 Torx screws securing
the motherboard to the rear case. With a little spudgering the motherboard can
now be removed. With the motherboard out, use the triangle
opening tool to carefully pry the high capacity HTC One M9 battery up and out of the phone.

5 thoughts on “How to repair the HTC One M9 Battery”

  1. Why doesn't your replacement battery in the video have the part that's supposed to hold it in there? Other replacement batteries I've shopped for have something attached to it to screw it into the phone.

  2. Please someone can help me i am despairs 🙁
    my new htc have no gps signal and no fix at all ! i tried everything (from the software side) but nada! it show me 19 sometimes more sattellites but i never got a fix!
    i am thinking its hardware issue but its almost no information all over the net about the m9 gps repair. where is the gps anttene locate? how can i fix or replace it? i also searched all over the net and no gps parts replacements for theis phone!
    please please help me!

  3. I purchased a new battery for my HTC One (M9) from Fixez. I also purchased the 16-Piece Precision Repair Tool Kit they offer as well. I watched this video, pausing after each step is explained. I also re-watched each step after completing it to verify i did it correctly. Took about 30 minutes, but i was able to successfully replace my battery. The tool kit really was a real asset and could not have completed the repair without it. For others, just take your time and don't rush. Thanks Fixez!

  4. You definitely need to put a warning about the power/volume button strip that is easy to break. Otherwise excellent guide

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