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How To Repair The Nexus 5 Speaker and Microphone

How To Repair The Nexus 5 Speaker and Microphone

so since i’ve replaced the battery my smartphone now if you didn’t see that video go ahead and click here and now thank you over there anyway since i replace the battery in my smartphone now I noticed I’ve had some some problems with with the sound specifically the microphone and and with the internal speaker now i need to need to kind of see what’s going on here and most likely and say it’s a loose connection in there somewhere that the Nexus 5 is notorious for having to lose connection to the daughter board from the motherboard so so we’re going to perform a little surgery today get in there and and and and shore up that connection just a little bit now today what we’re going to use we’re going to have our our good old nexus 5 here and of course that I have are our warranty voiders and and going to use just a little piece of a receipt tape to to make that is just give a little bit more pressure in your back connection just a little bit more secure anyway so let’s get started we’re going to start the same way by same way to do anything taking the back off of our nexus 5 here slide in that pick down in there get that going right now we’re inside of course going to take the six retaining screws off the motherboard plate prybar and all that right twist that’s what the show ok now what you’ll see in here is I’ve actually got a little piece of paper right there was just a little folded up piece of receipt paper maybe maybe a millimeter maybe a half a millimeter worth there just to give a little bit of a little bit of pressure because I’ve already diagnosis problem i’ve already already played around with a little bit of solution so to solve your problem from scratch or just gonna tear all and maybe maybe an inch square of some receipt paper here i’m just going to give her some folds fold right up and a half and half again we just want to get get just about the size of that this daughter board connector right here tear off just a little extra there more little it’s gonna fit right on there just like that and what that’s going to do this just going to give a little bit of pressure just pushing down from the back plate right out of that daughter board connector make sure that things nice and solid so the tricky part here is then putting this this motherboard plate back on in place not moving paper any more or less in place we’re just going to take our little prybar and just gonna be a little tap right there so she sits in place directly course push down pressure on the clips make sure those pop back into place and then of course we just applied the screws back in reverse order make sure they’re nice and tight especially down here in this little bottom corner here’s holds that holds that connection true good tight there on a downward pressure all that together pressure pushing down me pushing down my connection strip back in place and we just put her cover back on snap that all into position power up and see what happens testing testing testing testing testing test and there we go test good as new thanks for watching and if you liked this video hit the subscribe button check out some of the other videos in the library

60 thoughts on “How To Repair The Nexus 5 Speaker and Microphone”

  1. Do you have a link to the warranty voiders you use? I need to pick some up, and would prefer to use any sort of referral link you have so you get something out of it.

  2. In my Nexus 5 some times still not working. I've replaced flex tape, but this is problem with slot on the mineboard.

  3. I thought: "Fold a piece of paper and clamp it on the board…!? WTF!?" I did not think that this would really work……but it did! Unbelievable….thx a lot! 🙂

  4. Mathew.. I got to hand it to you man, I did exactly what you showed on this video and the speaker works again and save me some dough. Thank you so very much and I hope you will make fortune by making videos like this soon.

  5. thanks for the video, after doing it the microphone sometime doesnt work. Is it help if i change the Microphone USB Dock Connector Charger Flex Cable or not???

  6. Damn I've been doing this repair since day 1. Came here looking for a legitimate solution haha. Althought this solution works, people usually come back to me saying it doesn't work 100% of the time. Ends up coming down to padding it so thick that you can feel a slight warp on the back cover.
    I Wish there was a better fix — or more simply, that LG knew how to make tighter connectors..

  7. For all the people whose nexus five lost its vibration capability after trying this little trick, use a thinner piece of paper. That's what successfully fixes the microphone still without screwing up the vibration.

  8. I opened my Nexus 5x once, dumb idea and the speaker emits static sound on loud volume (fine on low volume) anyway will try this once I get home

  9. its works on my nexus 5 after i drop it in water… and no sound no microphone.. now its works all… thx again like and sub!

  10. Thank you, this solved my speaker problem (no sounds) and buzzing/popping noises. Once I opened the case I discovered that a screw was missing, so I moved one of the screws over to the left side right next to the battery, and now everything seems to be working well. Thanks again for this video, it really helped me out.

  11. I own a nexus 5x and I had a static sound from the disagree speaker on loud volume (fine in low volume) plz post a fix for the Nexus 5x

  12. The speaker issue of no sound is related to the copper-looking band, that covers the battery, to one side. If you apply pressure at the very top part on the copper-looking band, your sound will return. My suggestion would be to fold over piece of electric tape, or gorilla tape 2X, and apply it at that point. The snap the back on to keep it in place. You will have all sound return.

  13. Awesome.. This fix worked for me..! Thank you very very much..! The LG service center technician had told me that I will have to change the motherboard. I always felt that it is some pressure related problem.. A small piece of paper as mentioned in this video fixed my speaker problem..Yoohoo!!

  14. Brilliant! Worked great. Easy fix. My nexus 5 is still going strong, but I thought it was toast when the speaker stopped working. Many thanks!!

  15. Ага, спасибо бро! Все работает, починил неработающий динамик просто вставил бумажку.

  16. This worked so much better than putting a wodge of Post-it notes under the back cover over the top of the connector … I tried it but then the cover wouldn't clip shut. A far more elegant solution, thank you so much.

  17. I had the same issue with my phone not that long ago after I opened it the battery was punctured from a loose screw so I had to replace it but the fix worked

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