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How To Repair Water Damaged Phone | Water Damaged Phone | Phone Repair Made Easy | Get Fixed

How To Repair Water Damaged Phone | Water Damaged Phone | Phone Repair Made Easy | Get Fixed

it’s actually quite common for an idiot like you where’s your face to drop your phone in water what’s up guys Bendji D here from Get Fixed and today I’ll be teaching you how to repair any water damaged phone now Nooowww! you’re stupid a**, I mean… (Clears throat) you’re smart self you were sitting on the toilet I’m not going to judge you i’m not sure exactly what you’re doing on that toilet but keep it yourself anyways you were sitting on the toilet correct? yes! browsing through Instagram Facebook snapchat whatever occasion maybe and all of a sudden your phone drops in the water AKA the toilet bowl Well after you move aside the sh*t that you probably took you want to grab the phone as quickly as possible and set it on a towel do not attempt to turn it on what you want to do is run over to your local walmart and grab 91 to about ninety eight percent rubbing alcohol next grab a bowl and then pour the solution into that bowl just like this the next step is actually pretty complicated but what you want to do is figure out what model your phone is for example the name of this phone is the samsung galaxy s6 S Plus now if you want to know what I get to the screen you go watch this video here but anyways is the samsung galaxy s6 s plus if you want to figure out how to tear it apart you do want to go on you to type in the false name which is samsung galaxy s6 edge+ followed by tearing down and then you’ll see a video that shows you how to take apart the phone next you want to locate something that looks like this or this or this this is called the motherboard it is the central processing unit of the phone it is what processes all the information that comes in and out of the phone what you want to do with the motherboard is put in the solution carefully make sure it is completely submerged this next step is pretty straightforward you want to leave the motherboard inside of the solution for about 1-2 days or until the solution completely dries up if you want to reuse the solution simply open up the bottle and pour it right back in there * (Liquid Pouring) the isopropyl rubbing alcohol will absorb all the water inside of the small components that the rice method cannot get because the right that doesn’t work let’s be honest how the hell is rice gonna absorb water through a physical phone that just doesn’t make any sense even though rice is absorbent that’s not possible especially now with these small components in the motherboard isopropyl rubbing alcohol is liquid so it is versatile you can pretty much get into all the nooks and crannies of this motherboard and reach everything that pretty much wraps it up for today guys like this video and subscribe if it helped you in anyways anyways guys Bendji D here from get fixed and I’m out…. Peace!

15 thoughts on “How To Repair Water Damaged Phone | Water Damaged Phone | Phone Repair Made Easy | Get Fixed”

  1. plz help me my phone is not suting on the screan it vibrates and thats it but when i plug in the crager it blinks a red light an vibrates and thats it i leaft the phone on the carger for 4h and its stil vibrates and a black screan

  2. So basicly my phones recent tabs button keeps on pressing by itself after it fell in water it's been quite sometime now and it's still happening do you know how did this how this happend and will this help it stop

  3. So what if I were to sit the my Iphone what I mean is the parts with the motherboard,headphone etc inside in the alcohol will my phone be damaged will it be fine and if i use 91-99%

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