How To Repair Water Damaged Phone [Works For] [Repair] | Get Fixed

What’s going on guys? Bendji D. here from Get Fixed and today i’ll be teaching you how to repair a water damaged phone. What you need is 91% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol. Not even sure if I pronounced that right so I’ll be calling it Iso for the purpose of this video. You need Iso and you’ll also need the water damaged motherboard. Now The problem with me is that I always assume that my audience already knows how to deconstruct a phone and take the motherboard out of it. But if you don’t know how to be sure to leave a comment below and I promise I’ll upload a video teaching you the basic concepts tahhh removing a motherboard out of any phone. So the first thing I usually do is grab a small container small because it’s easier to submerge the Motherboard into the Iso. When I use a small container. Take the Iso and poor it all over it And make sure the Motherboard is submerged in the Iso. Now you leave it out for 2 days. It could be in the sun or sitting there in your room. The reason that the Iso works better than the rice method is because it’s in liquid form so it gets every cracks and crannies. Every small component, it gets into, and it absorbs, it dries the hell out of the component and removes every droplets of water. That’s the only reason it works better than the rice method The rice grains cannot get into the small components and absorb the water out of it. That is basically it. So if you wanna see more repairing and reviewing videos be sure to like, comment, and subscribe. Anyways guys. Bendji D. here from Get Fixed And I’m out. Peace.

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