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How to Replace a Broken Laptop Screen – Repair Tutorial

How to Replace a Broken Laptop Screen – Repair Tutorial

Welcome to another tutorial! In this video tutorial we will show you how
to repair a broken laptop screen We will guide you through the steps in order
to replace a broken laptop screen with a new one
For this video, we use a HP Pavilion 17-f255ng with a 17.3 inch display that fell on the
floor and has a damaged frame too. Tools you will need for this repair tweezers a phillips screwdriver a flat screwdriver thin nose pliers a screw organizer box and for this repair we need a small tube of
super glue First, we should prepare our replacement screen
and check if it is the right one on the back top right corner we see the type
of the screen bottom left we see the connection port So, take the tweezers remove the rubber covers on the display cover, and remove the screws Now carefully unclip the cover starting from
the middle of each side but be cautious as the bottom part may have
double sided tape Take the phillips screwdriver and remove all
the screws on each corner On the bottom right corner the screw nuts
fell off , we will place them back afterwards Now that the back cover is removed we need
to remove the connection cable notice that it has a transparent tape that
we need to take off first and it may also be glued underneath on each side of the screen panel we have two screws that we need to remove In this case, because of the fall the mounting rails need some alignment also the back cover mounting nuts need to be glued back we use just a drop of super glue for each mount Now close the rails, place the screen panel
and put the screws back connect the display cable onto the connection
port place the display cover and all the screws make sure to place the display cable back in its place test the screen if it functions properly and remove the screen protection place the front cover and work your way so
that it clips back Now put the screws and the rubber covers back That’s it! Thank you for watching! Thumbs up if you Like the video and subscribe
to our Youtube channel.

3 thoughts on “How to Replace a Broken Laptop Screen – Repair Tutorial”

  1. Hello as i opened my laptop to find s/n of the lcd my screwdriver did a short in the pin connector (ilaptop was powered on) and laptop shut down immediately. After this it opened normally and working with external monitor but after the short my broken lcd is totally dead while i could see some colours and lights between the cracks before. Do you know if i order the replacement lcd panel will i still be able to fix or it might have fried something like the inverter or something else?
    Thanks for every rreply.

  2. How to Replace a Broken Laptop Screen
    Step 1: Find a new laptop on google
    Step 2: tell your mom to buy it
    Step 3: Your Done!

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