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How to Replace a Faucet Aerator | Repair and Replace

How to Replace a Faucet Aerator | Repair and Replace

Hi, I’m Nick and welcome to Repair and Replace,
your online resource for quick and easy repairs. In this episode, I’ll show you how to replace the aerator and aerator housing
for your bathroom faucet. To find the right aerator for your
faucet, explore our website below. To begin, you’ll need a replacement aerator or aerator housing combo, channel lock
pliers, needlenose pliers and a cloth. Aerators are found on the tips of all faucets. The tiny holes add air bubbles and
defuse the water, giving it a softer feel. Also, aerators restrict the maximum flow
rate and will conserve the overall water use. If you’ve noticed the drop of water pressure
or an iregular flow from your faucet, you may need to replace the aerator as
it might be clogged with debris. You can replace both the aerator and housing all at once or just the aerator if you have
a decorative styled faucet. Aerator housings come in male and female models. Male aerators have external threads and
female aerators have internal threads. Some aerators are hidden within the faucet
and require a special tool to remove. First, place a cloth over top
of the aerator housing. Use the channel lock pliers to
gently unscrew the unit. This will stop the housing from bending
out of shape or being scratched. This applies to both male and female housings. If you have a recessed aerator,
unscrew by using the tool provided. Now, remove the old aerator along
with the rubber gasket. If the gasket sticks inside the faucet,
use the needle nose pliers to pull it out. Now, pop the new aerator into the original
housing and place the new gasket on top. If you’re replacing both the aerator
and the housing, then grab your new unit. Finally, screw the housing back
on and hand tighten. If you found this video useful, hit “like”. To keep up to date on Repair and Replace,
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low prices and same day shipping, explore our website below. Thanks for watching.

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  1. To keep it clean..every once in a whie put a sandwich bag of white vinegar on it it with a rubber band..You can do the same with your shower head too..

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