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How to Replace a Transmission (Full DIY Guide)

How to Replace a Transmission (Full DIY Guide)

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  1. To answer the most common questions in the comments section:
    1.) Quality videos like this take a lot of time to produce. This and the next took me over 300hrs.
    2.) Follow me on Instagram "ChrisFixit" for daily updates and tips and tricks.
    3.) The exhaust on the car is the performance exhaust, just used on the track.
    4.) The speedometer is fine… it spun all the way around at the last drift event and I havent had a chance to take the gauge cluster out and push it back to the other side of the peg.
    5.) The other red Mustang is from this video:

  2. Hey chris I have a 2013 Nissan Sentra sr and I've learned that the transmission not really good I wanted to know is there anything I can do to extend the life of my transmission? Or any upgrade parts I can put on

  3. Shout out to Chris FIx. These videos are dense, he wastes no time getting you through the steps and getting things done. So efficient and he is entertaining as well. Outstanding production quality on these videos, both audio and video. Also a shout out to those of us who have done this by sliding out the tranny without a jack, dropping it into your chest, then rolling over to set it on the ground. I'm not saying it's smart, but…. Get a jack folks, make life easier! After I watched this video I went outside, checked the oil in my truck. It was good. I went back inside.

  4. Hey Chris! Thanks so much for everything you’ve done and are still doing for us all. You are a real source of inspiration and wisdom for all people who work on their cars. If I may ask something now; you just explained how to change a transmission but this was for a real wheel drive car. Could you please show how to do the same thing but for a front wheel drive this time? And a hydraulic one of these, like the civic please 😅 just so we all know how to change and maintain all types of transmissions and clutches.. thanks!!

  5. I have a 99 dodge Dakota sport 5 speed had to drop the transmission to replace the throw out bearing now I'm having trouble getting the transmission back in the truck I've got the shaft in but can't get it all the way flush with the engine… any advice?

  6. one question, with a new belhousing, why didnt you clock it to make sure you didnt need offset dowel pins or to adjust the trans to the bellhousing?

  7. I’ma tell a story ok so when I was more younger then I am now my dad wanted me to drive stick like that’s what he wanted me to drive and when we moved out of my house my truck broke in the middle of moving so my god father has this 1989 Chevy sport it was a classic anyway it was a stick so my dad let me drive it threw town back to we’re we lived to we’re we moved and this truck was not taken care good so when I got the hang of drive if it it was are last time gone down to pick up some stuff on the way there on the hwy as I was getting on and as I was gonna go into 5 i couldn’t it just didn’t want to go in so thought it was f up because Reverse was broke as well because you had to really tightly hold it down so the stick when you’d try to go in 5 it just swing all the way out to the side we’re the passenger would usually have there feet then we went down the road the hole stick just came out but the good thing was I was in 4 so when we got to are old house I had to take off the shifter and boot but the think is I had no tools but it was Phillips head so lucky me the kid I was always took tools from my dad and in my room I had so took it off and the shifter just came off like that because it was being hanged on with the little things I don’t know what there called but yeah that’s the day I learned how to drive stick

  8. You're the man. Loved the video. I wondered aloud why you didn't mark the driveshaft position at the rear diff. Not hatin', just watched too many vids and have seen it done. Anyway, keep up the great work. Your vids are top-notch and your hard work shows in the quality.

  9. 23:30 Put a little bit of high temperature bearing grease on the transmission rear shaft teeth to lubricate the drive shaft when it moves in & out.

  10. Haven’t you thought about making a video on replacing the transmission in your Windstar yet? It would be the perfect vehicle to use as an example to replace a front wheel drive and/or automatic transmission. It would make a good video.

  11. Hey Chris, when buying a car with an automatic transmission, planning to immediately change the transmission oil after purchase, can you give me an estimated recommended max milage to purchase at so that the transmission won't start slipping after the oil is changed. Thanks chris. Tony

  12. Wish i knew someone that can fix mine like this i got a 2005 mustang wont drive in 4th or reverse only 1st 2d 3rd it’s automatic v8 4.6L

  13. I am a new subscriber here, thank you for your hard work, dedication and work ethics. I have a question regarding the torquing of bolts. Where did you get the torque specifications for each bolt? Thank you and have a wonderful day.

  14. 9:15 before removing drive shaft mark it with a pen or sharpie to reinstall in same orientation

    Changing the orientation can lead to vibration form u joints then you have to go under and re align it it’s original orientation

    Ask how I know

  15. It's channels like this that deserve to be on the Speed channel. We need to bring that back. This dude is the Greek God of mustang maintenance. I never wanted to touch my transmission because it looked like a pain in the ass watched his video and I was like well shoot, amazon here I come. NOW I don't feel feared over doing my transmission(picked up a 99 stang gt with 2nd gear blown out today)

  16. Хоть и не понимаю о чём говорит, но смысл понятен)
    Ну а отношение к своей работе просто класс, все аккуратно и без сорванных граней и резьб.

  17. I don’t have my first car, yet. So after watching this I can safely say… I will never be doing any of this.
    With my luck I might accidentally remove the driver seat and get tangled in the seatbelt, only to be slowly strangled to death.
    Only then will the jack stands fail and I will be crushed into the very soil of which I was born from.

  18. You are as talented of a teacher as you are a video producer as you are a mechanic as you are a positive motivator! Cheers to you and thank you! (If you were around when I was in high school I might not have had so many bolts left over 😂)

  19. Great video I just wish it was about a 2003 gmc Sierra 1500 5.3l V8 my husband had to take it to a shop and we have to get a new or rebuilt transmission but dont want to spend an arm and leg becuase I know there pricey

  20. incredible video! thanks for the good vids. one question tho, how do you torque the bolts to the manufacturer's specs? i've heard proper torque is extremely important with the engine&transmission blocks.

  21. Hey Chris so I’ve changed a Chevy Silverado transmission because the truck would not go into reverse, now the truck does the same but feels like the driveshaft gets caught when reversing and i have to get to high rpms to get it to move in reverse any ideas what it could be

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