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How to replace battery iphone 7

How to replace battery iphone 7

Hello everyone, today I show you how to disassemble
iPhone 7 and replace the battery. Unscrew two screws on the bottom of iPhone. In description of this video, I left links
to necessary tools and parts for iPhone 7. Display glued around perimeter of iPhone and
we need to heat the surface of iPhone for open it. For this, I use a hairdryer because this will
make it easier to remove the display. Set suction cup on display near home button
and pull up. Use a plastic tool for separation phone case
and display. By easy and carefully moves, separate the
display from iPhone case. Pull the display slightly away from the top
edge of iPhone to disengage the clips holding it to the rear case. Open iPhone by swinging the display up from
the left side, like a book. Remove the following four screws securing
the lower display cable bracket to the logic board by tri-point screwdriver Remove two screws securing the bracket by
PH0 screwdriver. Use plastic spudger to disconnect connectors,
but the first disconnect the battery connector. Now you can remove the display module. Remove three screws securing the Taptic Engine
to the rear case. Slowly pull one battery adhesive tab away
from the battery. Now you can remove battery. In description of this video, I left link
where you can buy new battery for iPhone 7. On new battery, apply the adhesive tape and
install the battery in iPhone case. Remove old glue from the phone case. Now you can applying waterproof adhesive tape
for iPhone. Also I left link to this adhesive tape. Connect all cables to the logic board and
last connect the battery cable. Set two cable bracket to the logic board and
screw it. Install display module to iPhone case and
check elastic. Set two screws on the bottom of iPhone.

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  1. Странно, неужели я подписался, что бы слушать обзоры на английском языке. Не может быть!

  2. **ENG: Links to screwdrivers and parts in the description under the video
    Amazon – Screwdrivers set:

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