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How To: Replace the iPhone 4’s Battery in 2 Minutes

How To: Replace the iPhone 4’s Battery in 2 Minutes

While the iPhone 4 battery is a big improvement
over its predecessors, over time its capacity will diminish, and you’ll feel the pressure
to buy a new phone, just because it doesn’t hold a charge like it used to. Here’s the
big secret: you can replace the battery yourself. It only takes about 10 minutes and is way
cheaper than buying a whole new phone. Hi, I’m mj with iFixit, and today I’m going
to show you how to replace the battery on your iPhone 4. This might be the easiest repair
you’ll ever do, but just in case, you’ll want to follow the repair guide on our site. Tool-wise, this repair couldn’t get much easier.
All you’ll need is a Phillips #00 screwdriver. I’m using the one from our 26 piece bit driver
kit, some plastic opening tools and your replacement battery. Now there is a chance apple didn’t
use phillips screws on your iPhone. Apple has also been using a 5 point tamper resistant
screw, and if your phone has those, you will want to check out our iPhone 4 liberation
kit. It comes with the driver you will need to get those screws out. The only trick to this repair is to make sure
the silent switch is activated and the phone is powered off before you begin. So to start, I’ll remove these two Phillips
screws on either side of the dock connector… then I’ll push the rear panel toward the top
edge of the iPhone– It’ll only move about 2 millimeters. After sliding it upward a little, the rear
panel should come off easily. There’s only one screw I need to remove
to free the battery, so I’m going to remove it and then… use my iPod opening tool to gently pry up
the battery connector. You’ll want to only pry it from the top and bottom of the connector,
and be careful not to pry against the pressure contact. Once that screw is out and the connector is
disconnected, I can remove the antenna contact from the phone and set it aside. Now I can use the plastic pull-tab to remove
my old battery. Apple used an excessive amount of adhesive on some iPhones, so if you’re
really struggling to remove the battery with the pull-tab, try using an iPod opening tool
to pry up the battery instead. With the old battery out, I can put the new battery in;
before you connect the battery connector, make sure the tiny little pressure contact
is in position. Also, clean off all of the metal-to-metal contact points with windex
or some other kind of degreaser before you reassemble your iPhone because the oils on
your fingers can cause wireless interference, and with AT&T as your carrier you really can’t
afford that. KIDDING! Not really… After I’ve cleaned off my contact points,
I’m ready to reassemble my iPhone, and I can get back to playing Angry Birds without
killing my battery. Of course, you can find the parts and tools
you’ll need for this and many other repairs at And if you run into problems
during your repairs, there are tons of resources available on the iPhone 4 repair manual page. Thanks for watching, and happy repairing!

100 thoughts on “How To: Replace the iPhone 4’s Battery in 2 Minutes”

  1. Fabulous! Great video, very straight forward and easy to follow. This saved me heaps of money! Thanks 🙂

  2. there are one or two android phones with non user replaceable batteries…take your hate somewhere else. great video, thanks.

  3. This IPhone 4 is my 2nd and last iPhone. It would make sense to make a phone where battery is easy to replace. I'm getting the Samsung galaxy 4. The one that's durable.

  4. For your own sake, don't use windex. It'll leave a residue that will do more harm than good to the contact resistance. Use Isopropal Alcohol and just a tony bit. It's available at all electronic stores, some hardware stores and most Radio Shacks

  5. How come no one ever talks about the LOCK TIGHT that is used on these tiny screws and how easily they strip? They must be made out of aluminum or something. Or the fact that the batter is glued into the phone. It doesn't just fall out on it's own.

  6. Hello guys,
    I have a iP4 and had an issue, that the battery wouldnt charge. There was this lightning symbol. Now I bought a new one and it didnt fix the problem. As long as the battery was charged the phone worked, but now it is at the lightning symbol again. Any idea?

  7. The video is about changing the battery on your iPhone 4s. How else would you replace the battery without plugging it first?

  8. Any time someone makes a 3-minute video on how to open and screw with an Apple product, I somehow know I'm in for a 4-hour nightmare instead.

  9. My iPhone 4 ONLY charges through my computer, yet not the wall socket.

    I know theres no problems with the cables…crazy

  10. Poor explanation and incorrect she refers to one screw retaining your battery – on my iphone 4 there were two!! Caused me all sorts of problems. If you can't explain  basics dont bother.

  11. What if the power button is stuck and the screen won't turn on but the phone is on. Can I remove the battery and then put it back in, then put it on the charger. Will it turn on itself as it normally does when it's dead, or do I have to let it die on its own?

  12. At 2:00.. There was no antenna contact in my iPhone4 to take out, after I removed the battery.. Is this a variation or a mistake? 

  13. am mstruggling to see where and how to put the antenna shield back. Why can't these instructional videos master explaining this most intricate step in the process. All you see is a thumb!

  14. isoproyl  alcohol on a qtip is best cleaner.  be careful not to get it everywhere though (use as little as necessary)

  15. Thanks!!!  It worked very well after I had to re-seat the antenna and made sure the connector would touch the back plate antenna as well use some alcohol to clean the contacts… I'm getting a much better signal!

  16. Thanks for the video but the plastic tools suck (At least the ones in the kit I have). They both broke when trying to remove the battery.

  17. Close-up of the Re-assembly instructions/video would have been helpful.
    The antenna shield is apparently different on some models. Maybe 4 vs 4s?
    Replacing it on the 4s and getting the orientation correct was the last part where I was in a cold sweat…
    Rewinding and replaying that part multiple times before deciding the "shiny side" goes down, and that shiny "spot" is up and to the lower-right.

  18. excellent. Thanks – would have loved you to show how to reconnect the antenna! i couldnt even SEE the screw heads and dropped them twice. so so tiny. 

  19. Helpful video (and I watched a couple of others to be safe).  I ordered the iFixIt repair kit, because I've ordered repair kits on ebay before, but the plastic tools just broke apart when I tried to use them.  These worked great, and the whole repair process took just a few minutes.  Phone works like new!

  20. I replaced my battery and nothing happens; it doesn't cut on nor does it tell me to charge it and I've tried charging it and still nothing, so what should I do now.

  21. what can be done once you have opened the back, but the screw that is needed to be removed before the battery will come out. The screw doesn't unscrew. Thanks for any help.

  22. Really useful, but also look at you tube K1nR-TbsPYg for other hints re correctly replacing antenna etc which will become dislodged when replacing the battery. Took me three attempts at reassembly etc before it worked properly. Secret is, take your time, be patient and use the right tools. Screws etc are very small so nimble fingers and tweezers help.
    Also gave all mine a squirt of contact cleaner during assembly (WD 40 do a can specifically for electrical contacts). Good Luck.

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  24. for some reason my screws to disconnect the battery is alot smaller than what it shows in the video? it's a pain to screw back on. can someone help?

  25. Not required to set the silence mode if the phone is off.

    I came here because my phone was stuck vibrating (automatic battery conditioning?) and I wanted to disconnect the battery to stop it from doing that.

  26. Thank you for your video on battery replacement. I was able to change my battery and it took me 10 minutes. Thanks again. Carlos.

  27. Thank you so much! I received my kit today, and it worked like a charm. I am getting a new phone anyway, but I couldn't get my photos out because it didn't work with the new iCloud.

    Thank you thank you thank you. I had precious photos of my daughter's trip to New York. You saved me a lot of money and memories!

  28. The video helped, and I the fixit lady was enjoyable to watch. But I disagree that it's easy and takes 2 minutes. The disassembly was a snap. But reassembly with those microscopic screws and antenna was a pain. It took me about an hour after getting several magnifying tools – finally settling on a jeweler's loupe. I lost a screw once in my computer keyboard but finally got it out (hint – put a cloth under your work area). The tools were nice but a few extra screws would have been helpful. I don't think they are in Lowes hardware section.

  29. when replacing battery on an iPhone 4, can I use a 4g battery? that's all they sell on ebay 4g.Yes I know they aren't as good but its just so I can turn my iPhone on.Thanks.

  30. The toolkit I received from the website does not fit with the screws in size, and yes it is comparatively the same size but does not go into the screwhole. Do not waste your money on this.

  31. Thumb nail:Replace the iPhone 4's Battery in 2 Minutes What the lady says: You can replace your iphone four battery and it only takes like TEN minutes smh

  32. I looked at another video to find out about the antenna part. Magnetized the included screwdriver and all went easy accept…
    After plugging into the charger, all it does is flash the iPhone logo! Do I have a problem Houston? Help.

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