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How to Replace the Redmi Note 3/Redmi Note 3 Pro Screen

How to Replace the Redmi Note 3/Redmi Note 3 Pro Screen

Here we will show you how to replace the Redmi Note 3 screen. This is a broken screen. Slightly separate the front panel from the rear case. Now remove all the screws from the panel.We can collect the screws on the foam mat to keep them well. Pull out the stickers from the battery first so that we can take out the battery more easily. Use the screen separator to separate the front panel from the mid frame. Set the temperature as 100° C for 3-4 minutes.If you do not have the device,you can use a hair dryer to blow it. After that,use a suction cup to lift the front panel. Use a metal tool to clear the stickers of the mid frame to avoid bright spots or gaps with front panel when you install a new screen with the mid frame. Take out the new screen. It’s important to test the screen before installation.Just test it with the battery and motherboard here. Everything is ok after testing,now taking out the motherboard and battery and start to install the screen on the phone. If you buy the screen from our site,we send this adhesive sticker along with the screen. You can also replace it with the normal adhesive sticker. This adhesive sticker is not included in this item. We use this sticker to paste it with the front panel. It’s done.Power on the phone.

100 thoughts on “How to Replace the Redmi Note 3/Redmi Note 3 Pro Screen”

  1. Bro is heating front lcd necessary, i dont hv the heater. Please give specific Temp and Time for heating.

  2. replaced the screen and when I try to power it on, nothing happens only it shows battery, sometimes it starts up,didI miss something,anyone can help?

  3. why mine phone of lens the many small (smaller even) letters, things quality like seeing wont? 8-10 font under letters the showing dont, picture pulling while, capturing while.

  4. everyone have no problem,sure by me dont work.i am in the menu,even my maddafagging handy tells me scrol up and down…..but can not srol….please help.i think hady is broken-one day old

  5. Please don't follow these instructions they will ham your computer!!!! mine gone badly and is stuck on a grey and blue screen

  6. Метод рабочий на 100% !!! Сегодня разлочил тело! Надо быть внимательней на стадии,где надо работать с командной строкой(должны быть пробелы между словами в команде)При копировании из инструкции слова сливаются.Так же пришлось повозиться с прошивкой.Возникли проблемы с запуском программы LGUP на Windows 8.1.Пришлось прошивать из под Windows 7 x64.Программа LGUP не хотела видеть тело.Помогла сторонняя прога UPPERCUT_1.0.0.0.Спасибо Док! Всем удачи !

  7. It worked for me too!
    I had a bit of trouble fitting my SIM card, partly because the new screen has a smaller hole for the SIM, but also because I did not slide the chip down under a tab and onto the small locating pin.

    Everything works, including sound. Excellent video, thank you!!

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  9. Hi there. Hi @UC4em-98bcbGIUmFk52BTQ3w @xiaomishop. I need this adhesive glue sticker for Redmi Note 3 Pro Special Edition (152mm). Can you help me please? I really need that, a lot. Thank you so much.

  10. 8:49, i cannot attach that cable. Seems like i have 10+ pins sticking out on the board….weird. :-/ (when i take a close look, i do not see does pins on your board….hmmm)
    nvm, i destroyed that connection. Time to through it in the bin :/

  11. I just need to replace the screen because I have a crack in it, I don't have the silver frame. Can I use the old frame?

  12. Mera mi note3 ka mobile se 2 shim Idea ka deactivated ho Gaya hai active kaise karna hai krupya bataye

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