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How to Replace Your iPhone 5 Screen (Complete Guide)

How to Replace Your iPhone 5 Screen (Complete Guide)

(sweet robot music) – Hey guys, it’s David
from And, thanks to my girlfriend
breaking her screen, today I’m gonna show you how to replace the screen on an iPhone 5. First you’ll need a broken screen. Yep. That’ll do. Then you’re gonna need a
tiny pentalobe screwdriver, as well as a tiny
Phillip’s head screwdriver. You’ll also need your
pry tool, a suction cup, and, of course, the new screen. Now, there are different
versions of this screen kit. You can have it just bare bones,
which is what I have here. It just has these connectors
at the top and that’s about it. And the screen, obviously. Other than that, though, you can get one that also has the home
button, and the ear piece, and all that fun stuff, built in, which will save you a whole lot of time. If you can find it, get that version. It’s probably maybe 30 or
40 dollars more expensive than the bare bones version, which is the one I’m using in this video, but it will save you a lot of headache. Now, I’m gonna use the bare bones, just so that we can show you everything that needs to be done. Just in case you end up
with one of these kits. First we’re gonna remove the
two tiny pentalobe screws, one on either side of the USB connector. And make sure to set both of those aside. Then we’re gonna use our suction cup and the little pry tool to
kind of get underneath it. If that doesn’t work,
which it didn’t for me, because the screen’s
cracked and the suction cup can’t get any suction
on the cracked screen, you’re going to have
to use something metal. When you do this, just be careful that when you separate this, you don’t scratch the
bottom part of your phone. Because metal on metal,
of course, will scratch. Obviously, scratching the top part, which is the screen, you won’t care about, because you’re going to
be replacing it anyway. But, if you choose to use
this route, just be careful. You’re probably gonna
scratch a little bit. Once you get it open a little bit, with the metal if you had to, then use the plastic one to
avoid further scratching, and separate the device. Then you can pull the top back. But don’t try to pull it
all the way off, there are connectors here that will
stop that from happening. So then, you’re going to
remove this little metal plate by undoing these three screws here. Then you can remove the metal plate, which will show you the
actual connectors underneath. You wanna just kind of use your finger, and kind of pry them off one at a time, until they all three of them come off. Okay, if you see this headpiece, and also you have a home button, you can pretty much skip
a big chunk of this video, and just kinda skip to where
I start to reassemble stuff. Because that’s pretty
much it, you’re done. If you don’t though, and your kit looks like mine and it’s bare bones, then you’re gonna have to
follow the rest of this video to replace the earpiece,
and the home button as well. Next, remove this thing, by
taking off these two screws. And just make sure that
you keep those screws as close to those holes as possible, so you remember where they
go, and set that aside. Then we’re gonna take off the home button. To do that, we’re gonna
undo these two screws, and this third screw here at the top. Then we’re gonna remove this back plating, by going around the sides. There’s two screws on one
side, and two on the other. And we’re gonna finish removing the plate by taking out that screw at the top. Now, what I do, is I try
to keep all of the screws kind of where I took them
out from, along the table. Just so that you know exactly
where to put them back, because some of them are different sizes, and you do not want to confuse them. Next, we’ll actually
remove this back plate. It just kinda slides off. And we’re going to get the home button out by moving over the metal bracket and pushing the home
button from the other side. Then we’re going to remove this. And it may seem scary, but you actually just kind of peel it slowly back. Just be very careful not to rip it. And it comes off just like that. Same thing’s gonna happen to the top, and that one’s a little easier, but just kinda peel it until it comes off. Then we’re gonna take the home button, and put it in the new screen, and put on this metal thing over it. Essentially reversing
the steps we just did. And we’re gonna screw it in. And we’re gonna place this third screw. Again, going backwards,
we’re putting this guy in. There is a tiny little piece that needs to be put into a hole, where it’s on the connector, and the connector’s
kind of bent backwards. It seems a little weird, but if you didn’t notice
it the first time, when you took it off, now you’ll notice. And that needs to go in there before you push the rest of this in. Make sure that the
camera sits in the hole, and you slide this down. Then we’re gonna put
the back metal back on, and screw that back in by
putting in all four screws. And the fifth one here at the top. And this guy goes back. And we screw him down. And we’re going to attach the new screen back to the motherboard, by
connecting these connectors, and just kind of making sure
that they are connected. Be very cautious of that,
because if they’re not, the phone will not turn on. And then put the metal case back on, and screw that back in, as well. Finally, we’re going to just
kind of slide it back together and, slowly, from the
top down, push it all until it snaps back into place. Then we’re going to put
our pentalobe screws back. And there you go. Your screen is replaced.

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  1. I tried to fix my iPhone 5 at home but after I put everything back in place, the touch screen stopped responding and now I can't even turn it off….

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  5. Mine isn’t really broken.. there’s a small crack on the top left corner of my iPhone 6.. and there’s a tiny crack near it with a long crack connecting them both.. help without having to change my phone screen..

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  10. hi mann i know you don't know me but i really really need my iPhone Fix i have money but not a lot but i need my iPhone

  11. hi mann i know you don't know me but i really really need my iPhone Fix i have money but not a lot but i need my iPhone

  12. hi mann i know you don't know me but i really really need my iPhone Fix i have money but not a lot but i need my iPhone

  13. hi mann i know you don't know me but i really really need my iPhone Fix i have money but not a lot but i need my iPhone

  14. Spent 5 hours figuring out why parts of the screen was unresponsive then found out it was because he told us to screw the screw in next to the home button before we put the screen on. literally fucked it up…….. Dont worry fixed now but just keep in mind that there is one little asshole screw that you need to place over the metal plate that goes on the screen. PLEASE BE MORE CLEAR ON YOUR STEPS

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  19. You must have had a slightly later model, on my iPhone I had a ribbon going from the home button to a connector with a clip just below the battery.

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