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How to Replace Your SIM Card – Easy Tutorial | T-Mobile

How to Replace Your SIM Card – Easy Tutorial | T-Mobile

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey guys, Des for
T-Mobile, and today I’m going to show you how to swap out
your old SIM card and install a brand new T-Mobile SIM. Let’s break it down. First off, make sure you
power down your device. Next, you’re going to want
to locate the SIM card tray. Usually this is located on either the
top or one of the edges of your phone. As you can see on this iPhone,
it’s right here on the edge. For devices with
backplates that come off, it’s located near the
edge of the battery area, just underneath the removable cover. Once you’ve found the SIM tray,
you’re going to need to pop it out. This can be done by using a
small bent paperclip or even the back of an earring. If your device came with a SIM
removal tool, it’s best to use that. Just insert the tool into
the small hole in the door. Once it’s popped open, gently pull
the old SIM card out of the phone. Be sure to discard it right away. You’ll notice on the SIM tray that
there is one corner of the SIM that has been trimmed off. This will come in
handy in just a second. Now grab your new T-Mobile SIM
and punch out the same size Sim as you removed from your phone. As you can see, SIM cards
come in three different sizes. Once your new SIM has
been punched out, match up that trimmed corner of your SIM
with the same shape in the SIM tray. On a removable backplate
phone, there will be a printed guide on the
phone itself to tell you which way to insert your SIM. Now, just gently insert the
SIM tray back into your phone until it snaps into place. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready
to rock on the T-Mobile network. This has been Des for T-Mobile. Thanks so much for watching. [MUSIC PLAYING]

22 thoughts on “How to Replace Your SIM Card – Easy Tutorial | T-Mobile”

  1. Had to do this several times the last few days. Glad to know T-Mobile is reminding people of how to properly do this. Had to open my phone to replace the Battery and nearly forgot all about the SIM Tray which was preventing the removal of the back cover. Could have done some serious damage if I'd tried to force it…

  2. I know this video may look like common sense to other people but some people still actually go to our T-Mobile Store just to have their sim switched.

  3. So if u get a new phone in your old phone put the Sim card in the new phone and u would still be on the same plan as the other. I'm bad with phones

  4. Honestly, I'm just trying to remove my sim card and that's it but it's not popping out like the vid shows

  5. Ok so just to quintuple check with everyone here:

    When getting a new phone on the same network, for the same account, all you got to do is switch out the SIM card? No need to call Tmobile to register the new phone? Assuming both phones use the same size SIM card.

    I know the retail phones comes with a SIM card starter kit. So that’ll end up being an extra SIM card that will eventually need to be registered? If you’ll be using it?

  6. Hello, I have a question. I have a "generic" (not a T-Mobile) SIM card in my T-Mobile phone currently. Awhile back, I was told by a T-Mobile rep that a T-Mobile SIM from T-Mobile would give me better reception/better cell service. Can anyone confirm if this is true? Thank you.

  7. Hey Des! I work for T-Mobile in Dallas and want to talk to you more about this amazing video! I think we could use this out in the field more.

    Find me in the gal Truitt Henson.

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