51 thoughts on “How to Reset Forgot Facebook Password”

  1. I don't have access to my old mobile and I forgot password pls make tutorial for that or if you know how to fix the problem pls reply

  2. I forgot my Facebook password, before I knew it was the first thing to know, but I did not keep it back, so I was forgetting.
    How do know now? Can delete a forgotten password and retrieve it?

  3. I forgot my password in fb and i accidentally log out…😢😢 especially my code i dont remember it either..can u help me?😢

  4. Hi I follow all process but still I can't​ get in my app, it's not resetting it I mean process of resetting it's not getting completely, why fb keeps logged out most of time why it's happening again & again.

  5. What should you do when you attempt to get the code and it says you requested it to many times even if it's the first time you did?

  6. The problem I'm having is not getting the actual code. My picture, phone number and email is correct. They don't send the code. I even tried the trusted friends and that doesn't work. My business page is connected to my personal page and I can't get to them.

  7. How can i recover my facebook account. It was have they change my email and password. 🙁 Kindly help me please.

  8. I dont get any of this. It keeps asking for my password. Then asked for an id to verify my account. I am not putting in my id for facebook.

  9. They don't give me code becose my adress is conected by yahoo but i forgot my pass and they tel me to complete a thelephon nuber but thet nuber is not mine why ? Is hack or what ?

  10. i forgot my fb password but remembers my fb email. i tapped forgot password and has reset a new password. what happened is it totally created a new account ? Why is that ?? It even has different name. When it was actually my fb email acc ? Im panicking i cannot lose my original acc. 'help 🙁

  11. How to retrieve a password from a fb account that only used a number and no email? Been trying to use the "forgot password" and there were times it showed a login code was sent to the number associated and but there was no way to put the login code.
    AND sometimes it didn't show up at all and advices us to use the email associated with the account.

    My dumbass bf changed the password of one of his accounts but immediately forgot the new password within minutes. He "said" that now he is having a hard time logging in again.

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