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How to reset iPhone, set it up a new device and restore from backup

How to reset iPhone, set it up a new device and restore from backup

welcome back to our part 2 for how to
backup and restore an iPhone or iPad video on this video we will perform a
full reset on an iPhone to delete everything on it just like if you had a
brand new phone and you wanted to transfer your backup to it
another way to do this full process for someone that does not have a computer is
to backup and restore through iCloud but we wanted to do with through iTunes for
two reasons first we wanted to show how to do an archive backup on Windows which
is a very common question and second we had around 25 GB used on
our phone and we only have 5 GB available in our iCloud
account okay let’s reset this iPhone now to do that we’re going to go into the
Settings app and then you’re going to go into general and after that you’re going
to scroll down to the bottom and look reset when you tap on it you will see a
few settings the one we want is erase all content and settings once you press
the erase all content and settings it will ask you for your passcode this is
the same passcode that you use when you turn on your phone after you enter it it
will give you a warning prompt saying that you’re going to erase the iPhone and
you have to touch the erase iPhone that it’s red after you do that it will
prompt you again just to make sure that you’re doing this on purpose and then it
will ask you for your Apple ID password okay you reset your phone and now we want to pick our language and we want to select our country then we’re going to connect to our Wi-Fi
network okay now the phone will try
to activate itself through the Wi-Fi connection and once it does we’re just going to leave
everything blank and default this is because we want to do a restore of what we backed up instead of setting everything up from scratch on this menu is where you would select
where you would want to restore from if it’s from iCloud or iTunes or also the
options to set the phone as a new phone we are actually going to set it up as
a new phone and this way we cover how you would do it in case you don’t want
to restore anything and you just want to start from scratch and afterwards we’re
going to restore it using iTunes which is the same method you would use if you
want to transfer your old backup to a new iPhone if you want to set it up as a
new phone you actually have to go in into all the menus and set everything up
we’re just bypassing it right now because we just want to get to the point
where we can do a restore okay so now the setup as a new iphone
has completed now we’re going to go ahead and do the restore this is not necessary for those who just want to have a clean iPhone and to do this we’re just going
to connect the phone to the computer and open on iTunes it’s going to recognize
the iPhone and you’re going to get two options either set up as a new phone or
restore from a backup and it will list the backup name once you select your
backup just click continue and the restore process will begin once the
restore process completes you will get a prompt saying that your phone will
restart and once it does you’ll get the same menus that we saw when we’re
setting up the phone as a new phone so it will ask you for your passcode and
your Apple ID and other information and finally it will just redownload all your apps
that is it you have successfully completed a restore if you have any
questions or comments please let me know thanks for watching and don’t forget to

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