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How to ROOT ANY ANDROID PHONE (2019) No Computer | Root Android 9.0 Kingroot | Harrison Broadbent

How to ROOT ANY ANDROID PHONE (2019) No Computer | Root Android 9.0 Kingroot | Harrison Broadbent

hey guys Harrison here and today I’m
going to be showing you a super easy way to root any Android device. So root
access can be very useful or even necessary if you’re trying to do things
like removing bloatware from your phone or blocking ads. Using an app called
kingroot we can root absolutely any Android device in only a few minutes no
computer required and it’s super easy! The first thing we need to do is head
over to and download the apk for Android devices this will
download the Kingroot app to your phone and now we need to install it. To do that
just swipe down from your notifications and tap on that download. Because this
app isn’t from the Google Play Store we’re going to need to enable the
unknown sources option in our phone settings just follow the prompt and tick
the box. Now the screen to install the app will come up so just scroll down and
hit install. Now that we’ve installed kingroot we need to run it. Open up
the app and after a few screens will be greeted by a giant root button pretty
hard to miss. Hit that, and Kingroot will start rooting your phone. This process is
entirely automatic and depending on your phone model and software version rooting
it can be very quick or it can take a few minutes. It took me about five
minutes so just put your phone down somewhere and come back to it in a few
minutes. Also just a quick note for samsung
phones kingroot has a built-in method to bypass KNOX, which is a built-in
security feature samsung has in most of their devices I
said yes and let kingroot do its thing and everything went fine so I recommend
that you do too. So once Kingroot has finished rooting your device go back to
your applications and you might find that now you have a new app or possibly
a few. The Kingroot app is the only app you really need to worry about though as it is used
to manage all the apps that have root access. So that’s basically it
you’ve gained root access. Before you go crazy it’s always a good idea to check
that everything went smoothly. To check that everything was working properly
I just installed a root checker app from the Google Play Store open it up and now
kingroot will ask us to give this app root permissions press ok and there we
go we’ve confirmed root access and now you have full root access over your
device feel free to use it as you please. Thanks everyone for watching if you
found this useful don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe and I’ll catch you in
the next video

100 thoughts on “How to ROOT ANY ANDROID PHONE (2019) No Computer | Root Android 9.0 Kingroot | Harrison Broadbent”

  1. Nonsense. Hardly any phone that's above lollipop is able to be rooted without a pc.. SOME samsung,, htc and motorola's can be, but that's about it. it's because most come with the boat loader locked.

  2. DO NOT USE ROOTING APPS WITH EXPLOITS. If you still want it give a hard reset from recovery and dont add any account or sim card to you phone before rooting with apks. Also change right away your root administrator app if its super user. And give onother hard reset from recovery after you change the super user with super SU or other app. Make some test to see if the root works.

  3. King root did not work for me. It reaches 100 % and it never says rooted. I deleted and DL again and nothing. The purify app worked which I thought would need root permission to operate. Tried 2 root checker apps and nada ! So I gave up.!

  4. it was stuck on 01% forever i tried to reinstall it but now i cant install it at all even if i clear everything etc.

  5. I have a Samsung J2 Pure (SM-J260AZ Android 8.1.0) it just stayed at 1%. Does it not work for the J2 Pure? Please help.


  7. I have successfully rooted my old / redundant mobile, on an experimental perspective. However, once I have uninstalled the unwanted system Apps (including Google Maps & YouTube), I have uninstalled the Root App itself, and reset the mobile to the factory settings. Therefore I have a feeling that, unlike the general belief, rooting a mobile doesn't harm the mobile at all. But, Google Maps & YouTube have been reinstalled all by themselves.

  8. It only rooted his phone because he was on 4.2.2 if your on 8.0,8.1, 9.0 or anything above 7.0 this wont work

  9. Is samsung S 3 . 4,4.2 android … he is a liar …not android 9 … clickbite title
    kingroot only goes up to version 5.1.1 …. Android versions from 6 up don't work…

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  11. is a fucking bullshit, you know little, you won't do root on higher androids, app for idiots. you can't use a laptop, you get the virus shit.

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