How to set Caller ID. VoIP feature | MightyCall

Hey guys, my name is Anthony and I’m a customer
assistant here at MightyCall. Today I’m gonna briefly walk you through how
a call display function works and why it can be really helpful for you to differentiate
between your personal life and your business life. Now as you can see I’m already on the MightyCall
web panel in the numbers and web widget section. To get to the call display control I click,
you guessed it, call display control. Now by switching the slider to green the call
display control option is enabled. Now again what this specifies is that I want
incoming calls to show that my business number instead of the caller’s number so I know it’s
a business call. Now this is really useful so that when you
see someone’s calling – you can tell that they’re calling your business number and not
your personal number, so you don’t have to guess whether it’s a
customer or one of your friends. Anyway I hope this has been useful and if
you have any other questions for us please don’t hesitate to write to [email protected]
Have a great one!

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