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How to set up Touch ID on your iPhone or iPad — Apple Support

How to set up Touch ID on your iPhone or iPad — Apple Support

♪ Music playing ♪ Touch ID uses your fingerprint to quickly and securely
unlock your device. Here’s how to set it up. To start, tap Settings. ♪ Then tap
Touch ID & Passcode ♪ and enter your current passcode. ♪ Then tap Add a Fingerprint and place the finger you would
like to add as a fingerprint on the home button. Hold it there until you feel
a quick vibration or until you’re asked
to lift your finger. ♪ Continue to lift
and rest your finger slowly making small adjustments to the position
of your finger each time. ♪ While still in Settings, you can setup what you want
to use Touch ID for. In addition to unlocking
your Apple device and authorizing payment
using Apple Pay, you can also use Touch ID
to quickly download apps, music, and more
from the iTunes and App Store. You can even add
additional fingerprints to make using
Touch ID a little easier. Just tap Add a Fingerprint. If you’re unsure
which fingerprints you’ve added, just press a finger
on the home button. The fingerprint name
will highlight if it’s been registered. Now let’s tap the fingerprint
we’ve just added to give it a custom name, in case you want
to add or remove a fingerprint in the future. ♪ And now your device
will be more secure. For more helpful tips like this, subscribe to
the Apple Support channel or click a video
to keep watching. ♪

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  1. So bad display screen iphoneX in all features and design because of Notch and all people hate it .We need and wish Triple or quadruple camera lens for new mobile and really need finger print back and Really Super Big AMOLED 4K UHD display screen , solar energy power battery for next iphone

  2. Thank you very much for your quick response. Two apps are very important for me viz, LIC ALL IN ONE CALC & LEADER. But unfortunately I don't find these two in App Store. Please help to get these two.

  3. my “Touch ID & Passcode” thing isn’t there, it goes straight from “Siri & Search” to “Emergency SOS”

  4. Um it said for iPad and phone and I have iPad when I went to settings I scroll down I only found this saying passcode but without the finger print beside it how?! >:(

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