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How to share files from Android Phones or Tablets on Wi-Fi with FrostWire

How to share files from Android Phones or Tablets on Wi-Fi with FrostWire

AN ANDROID PHONE OR TABLET In this tutorial we are going to show you
how to share files over a local Wi-Fi network from your Android Phone or Tablet using FrostWire. Files will be shared with any device running
FrostWire, that means PCs, Macs, Kindle Fire HD and Android phones or tablets connected
to the same Wi-Fi hotspot. Wi-Fi sharing on FrostWire is only meant for your local network,
no files will be available to the general public on the internet. Make sure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi
hotspot, preferably with a strong signal. Open FrostWire and make sure “Wi-Fi Sharing”
is enabled. To do this open the navigation menu and go
to Preferences>Networking Preferences>”Wi-Fi Sharing”. Now we’re ready to share. Go to the navigation menu and select “My Files”.
Here you can choose which files you would like to make available on your local Wi-Fi
network. From the top menu, select which file type
you would like to share. We will pick some audio files… You can either scroll down or filter your
selection before sharing. If you want to share just one file, just tap
on the padlock icon to open it, an open padlock means the file is available to users on the
Wi-Fi network. If you would like to share all the files,
you can tap this checkbox and touch any of the selected file names. From the pop-up menu choose “Share selected
files”. All the files you’ve selected are now being
shared and are downloadable from any other device running FrostWire and connected to
the same Wi-Fi hotspot. If you want to browse files shared by others
go to the main menu and see what’s available by exploring the “Wi-Fi Sharing” section. If you want more tech tutorials and you want
to make the most out of your FrostWire, subscribe and don’t forget to like the video before
you leave.

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  1. You can't because iPhones are shit. Hence why it's called "jailbreaking". The operating system is so controlled by Apple that it's like your phone is in jail.

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