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How To Spot a Fake iPhone 8

How To Spot a Fake iPhone 8

– This is sad. This is like the last official
video here at this set. Make sure you guys check
out my update video coming out sometime this week. I’m gonna miss this place. All the memories. (man screaming) – So, you guys know about this series. And, in case you’re new, make sure you hit subscribe and you turn those notifications on. Basically, when a new
iPhone or a new phone drops, I always tell you guys
how you can spot a fake. Of course, there’s gonna be some fakes. So today, I’m showing you guys how to spot a fake iPhone 8 plus. I got two iPhone 8 pluses right here. One’s real, one’s fake. Make sure you guys vote up there, and let me know in the comments if you guys actually guessed it right. Let’s do it. Sweet, so if you guys wanna
check out the fake iPhone 8 plus that I picked up, I’ll leave a link down below. I spent around 116 bucks which isn’t bad. And on this site, there are two options. You can get a few different colors. But, there’s a real fingerprint model and a fake fingerprint model. And of course, you know your boy. He got the real fingerprint model because like we gotta
know what we’re getting for 116 bucks and how
close these things are. So, let’s go ahead and check this out. I got a real one right here and a fake iPhone 8 plus right here. I wanna see if they got it right. I really wanna see if they got it right. I did this video last year on how to spot a fake iPhone 7. You tell me right now which
one you think is real, which one you think is fake. That looks identical if you ask me. When you’re doing a Craigslist deal, sometimes it’s really easy to tell if a phone is real or not. Sometimes it’s really difficult. Here’s some of the pointers
that I’m gonna give you guys. On the front of the box, I don’t know about you guys, but it’s kinda hard to tell. The only thing that I
really see is different is the buttons. The real box has like tinier buttons compared to the fake one. If you can get a friend to loan you like a real iPhone 8 plus box, which I don’t see why they wouldn’t. Like if I was your friend, dude, well I am all your friends. If you guys need an iPhone 8 plus box, hit your boy up at Techsmartt on Twitter if you’re not following me. I’ll give you guys one to legit check. So let’s check this out. On the side, it says iPhone, iPhone. Pretty similar. Got our Apple logo there. Alright, if it’s a sealed phone, you’re definitely gonna
wanna look for this. The pull tab that Apple has, this one’s sealed. This one is kind of like shrink-wrapped. That’s a dead giveaway. – Dead giveaway. Dead giveaway. – Charles, thank you very much. – Dead giveaway. It looked– Really, the police are coming. The police are coming to
get me for my fake iPhone. Like, for real. Other than that, they got
the box down pretty well. It looks a little darker on the fake one. You’re not gonna be able
to tell just from your eye. On the back, this is where things get really funky. It’s like they didn’t even try. The label’s not even straight, iPhone isn’t even spelled– Well no, it’s spelled right. I mean, it’s not that
hard to spell iPhone. It’s not capital I is
the way Apple does it. That’s a dead giveaway. Make sure you just check
the back of the box. That’ll honestly help you the most. So, let’s jump on into the real one here. And, just like the packaging. This is shrink-wrapped. This has this like nice pull-tab. It’s been like this for a few years now. So, the real one’s here. Let’s open up the fake one here and see what we’re dealing with. I already know what the
real one looks like. You guys probably know it too. Oh wow, alright. But, just opening this up for 116 bucks, it wasn’t even lined up straight. Choose ring mode and silent– You’re supposed to get Apple stickers and a bunch of other paperwork. Did I not get Apple stickers. I was pissed about this last year. And, it’s not elegantly put
in the box like Apple does it. It’s in a bubble wrap carton. Alright. Oh wow. Okay. Alright. So, this is the fake one. What other accessories we got? We got the AirPods. No, not the AirPods. Keaton, come on. They ain’t giving those away for free. (laughing) you got the ear pods,
lightening cable, grip, alright. Pretty generic stuff. Last year, oh wow. They threw in a Bluetooth earpiece. What is this? And, that was amazing. Okay, sweet. Pretty sweet stuff. Let’s hop on into the real one. Just it sounds better
when you pull the top off. Okay, we got our manual here. You’re looking for Apple stickers. Of course, I mean Apple isn’t gonna forget their own stickers. I mean, this is the real one, of course. Another manual, another manual. Alright, pretty chill, pretty chill. Now let’s actually jump on and– Alright, I mean, we got this, that. It’s cool. I mean, you guys know. The accessories of this, it’s not new. The one dead giveaway though
is the lightening adapter. We didn’t get one of those in here. I mean, there’s no headphone
jack on the iPhone 8 plus. If you don’t get an adapter, you know it’s fugazi. Fugazi, fugazi, it’s a wazi, it’s a woozy. It’s fairy dust. There’s actually– Whoa, like last year, there is a built-in screen protector. I don’t know if you guys
can see that too well. Oh yeah. Oh baby, that is just a dead giveaway. That is a dead giveaway. In the U.S., on the real one here, there’s no other markings
except the word iPhone on the back. If someone’s trying to sell you a phone that has any other junk underneath, it is fake. That is a dead giveaway. That’s probably one of the easiest. Okay. Yo, whoa. The display is coming
off the phone already. I can see it creeping off a little bit. That’s also a dead giveaway. We’re finding way more giveaways than the iPhone 7 video last year. I am blown away. I thought they would have this down. Like they must’ve watched
a video from last year. Okay, so having both of these in my hands, the real one is definitely
heavier than the fake one. I don’t know if you
guys can tell too well, but the front looks pretty much the same. On the bottom, this is a dead giveaway. Look at the lightening port. It’s really flush and
just kinda built in there, whereas on the real one, it’s kinda sticking out a little bit, has an outline on it. What else? Dude like– this one looks whiter than this one. Like it looks whiter. What? Okay, alright. Let’s just turn these things on. We’re definitely have to jump on into it just to see like how bad this is. I don’t know, maybe it’s gonna be good. Let me know in the comments right now if you think it’s gonna be good or bad. I’m hoping they got this down. The phones are powered on, and one thing that I’m
seeing right off the bat before I even get these things set up is the screen is bleeding on the fake one. That’s a dead giveaway. If the screen is looking funky and it’s not consistently lit, it’s a fake. Like right here, it’s bleeding. And, on the set-up screen, there’s actually the accessibility dot. If that is showing up on your iPhone when you first set it up from Craigslist, it’s probably a fake. Like doesn’t come with it by default. What’s really interesting
though is the fingerprint. So, I got the one with
the real fingerprint. I wanna check this out. So, real one here, the fake one here. Let’s see how well– Alright, dog. I just put my fingerprint
on it and it knew. That’s like some iPhone
10 stuff right there. Alright, let’s try this. Not bad. I had to like push down
whereas on the real one, I just rest my finger on it and it actually unlocks the phone. Also, I just thought of this. This is probably the easiest giveaway. Bring like a wireless
charging pad with you or like one of those battery packs and just try it out. On the real one, it has
wireless charging built in. You guys know this. On the fake one, see
if a wireless charges. No, there is not wireless
charging built in. So, on the real one, there’s one key feature, and this is new on the iPhone 8 plus, it’s portrait mode. So, if you don’t see a portrait mode, it’s a fake phone. That is a dead giveaway. I wanna take a picture here. I’m gonna take a selfie. Fake phone, real phone. Let’s see how they look. And, also if it doesn’t
just seamlessly open and it gives you the
image code at the top, it’s probably a fake phone. Like that’s not even close. Let’s check out control center. This is new on IOS 11. Not bad. I was honestly thinking they’d go with the IOS 10 control center just cause like it’s easy, why not? But, they got it down. Flashlight, how are the flashlights? Now this one has like a halo
if you really look into it. You really look into it
you can see like a halo. There’s no halo on this one. That’s also a dead giveaway. Interesting, like this phone I feel like kinda got worse. Honestly, I could spend all day comparing the real one to the fake one. Basically, just take some of these tips when you’re buying a
good phone on Craigslist and you’re easily gonna be able to tell if a phone is real or not. Thank you guys so much for watching one of the last videos here at the set. Thank you so much Kristina and Naman for having my notifs on. If you guys wanna notif shout-out, make sure you subscribe
and turn on notifications. Let me know in the comments so I can give you guys a shout-out. And, tweet me at
Techsmartt if you guys find any other weird gadgets. See you guys later. Bye. It is not a lovely day out here in L.A. I mean, we got a little blue, but it looks like it’s gonna rain. Heading to the studio now, not to record a song but to make some videos. Cause that’s what we’re calling it now.

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  1. I have the iPhone 6 and it says stuff on the back… is it fake..? This is what it says:
    Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China (then the model number and other symbols)

  2. I got my iPhone 8 Plus from the istore and it didn’t come w/ an adapter and has writing on the back… 🤔

  3. Its giveaway time bro….I better get something Mr. Techsmart dude it took me way to long to see that…

  4. The easiest way is if the phone your picking up is Ann iPhone look at the dual camera if the camera hole is not the same the one is bigger the the other one and look at the flash if it is quadtone if is only one light its fake or it does not have a other color flash

  5. i sent my dad to get me an iPhone 8 over his trip overshore, you know, cheaper on the other side, and it was a dad giveaway.

  6. mine didnt have the other headphone adaptor thingy idk i dont care about that but i am just scared it might be fake but everything else was the same! so i think its real like the phone its the same the back is the same the front is the same has that pastel tint u know bc i got it on gold it has everything and it seems real just that maybe in some shops they dont sell that adaptor amd it also had that pull tab there were the apple stickers in it it was sealed correctly the instructions were real and it didnt even had the cut out of the adaptor it had the headphone just it didnt have the adaptor in it and they were in the packaging they were supposed to so i think its real ! i dont know you guys tell me! now you made me cry cause i really love it please guys help me PLEASE

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