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How to Start a Youtube Channel with your Phone

How to Start a Youtube Channel with your Phone

– Do you want to have a
successful YouTube channel but all you have is a smartphone? Then this video is for you. I teamed up with my buddy Dee Nimmin who has a YouTube channel
that’s completely centered around making content
using your smartphone. So we’re gonna go through some things that you need to think about if you’re getting started
on your YouTube journey. (dramatic music) So when it comes to
creating YouTube content, you really only need a device to record. So a smartphone has a good camera, that’s all you need to
get started, that’s it. Gear is not going to define what it is that you’re going to create, it’s more about the story, it’s more about what you’re
doing than how you do it. Now there are some tools that are gonna help you make it easier but we’re talking about just
starting with your smartphone and yes, you can create
awesome looking content only using a smartphone. But guys, if you’re new
here to this channel, my name is Jeven Dovey, I do
a lot of filmmaking tutorials, product reviews, and I also
do a lot of YouTube training, so make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn on those bell notifications so you don’t miss one of these tutorials. All right guys, I’m gonna
pass it over to Dee, he’s gonna take it from
here and give you some tips on how to use your smartphone
to create awesome content. – Thanks Jeven, my name is Dee Nimmin and over on my channel
I help mobile creators make content succeed on YouTube. And in this video I’m gonna
give you some practical tips on how you can get started on
YouTube using your smartphone. The first tip that I have
for you is pretty obvious but a lot of people make this mistake and that’s not looking at
the lens on their smartphone. A lot of people are making content and they’re looking at the viewfinder or the LCD screen or OLED screen instead of looking at the lens. And the reason it’s
important to look at the lens is because you wanna make eye contact with the person viewing your video, this makes it a lot more personal and in some cases it makes it seem like you’re speaking
directly to that person and that’s a powerful thing. – So a tip to add on here, if you’re constantly looking at your face when you have the camera kind of stretched out away from you, I would say just flip it and
just start recording yourself using the back facing camera,
the one on the other side and the reason for this
is that’s gonna give you some practice of just looking
directly into the lens. I know it could be kind
of awkward at first when you’re looking directly into the lens because you want to like look at yourself and look at how you look,
so do some last looks, hold it out, see what you
look like, flip the camera, and just record and just practice that because when you look into the lens, that’s when you connect with
the viewer on the other side. – The next tip that I have is to download and learn how to use the YT Studio app. This is a free app created by YouTube and this app will allow you to
answer comments on your phone and check your analytics. The next tip is specifically because you’re shooting for YouTube and that’s to make sure
that you’re shooting in landscape mode with your phone. There are some platforms
that require vertical or portrait mode but
YouTube is not one of them so make sure you turn your phone sideways and shoot in landscape mode. – So the standard for video
is gonna be horizontal and it’s gonna stay horizontal unless there’s a major
shift in the industry and that’s just the way it is. So one tool to make it easier when you’re shooting horizontal
is to get a mini tripod and you can get basically
a mount for your phone which allows you to screw on a mini tripod and then when you’re holding it out, you basically hold the grip vertical rather than having to try or
hold your phone horizontal. And so it makes it much easier
to shoot horizontal content because when you’re shooting
with the camera stretched out, you can hold it nice and easy, keep your arm in a good position and it gives you a good horizontal shot. Or if you’re setting it
down somewhere on a tripod, it keeps it horizontal. So having this kind of small tripod setup makes it super easy to
shoot and create content. Now there’s this other
case called a shutter case and I actually really like this case for a couple of reasons. This case comes with a battery built-in and it comes as a battery
grip so you’re able to hold it which that makes it a
lot easier to shoot with so you can pop this battery on and off but when it’s on and you
stretch your arm out, you can keep it horizontal
and it’s nice and easy to hold whether you’re shooting
with the front facing camera or the back facing camera, you could just use your thumb
to hold it on this side. Now the other thing that’s
really cool about this case is that it’s got a
place for moment lenses. So you can tie on a bigger lens if you want to have like a
wide lens or a telephoto lens but it definitely has
good uses for those of you who are shooting YouTube
content only using your phone. – The next tip that I have for you is more of a production tip and that’s to make sure
that your lens is clean, your battery is fully charged and make sure you have enough
storage space on your phone before you hit that record button. Nothing that’s gonna
ruin your video faster than getting a fingerprint
or a smudge on your lens or your battery dying right
in the middle of a great clip or you run out of storage. – I want to add on a little
bit about organization here. Organization is one of those key things that’s gonna make you successful because if you’re getting
lost in your footage and it’s all over the place, then you’re gonna get wrapped up more and trying to figure out where things are rather than creating content. One of the things I always say is offload your footage
every time you shoot. So when you shoot for a day, take that footage and then
put it onto a hard drive. And that workflow is
specifically for those of you who are editing say using a
laptop or another computer. Now if you’re only using your phone, then what you’re gonna
need to do is figure out how much space your typical video is gonna take up in your phone and then make sure that you
have more space than that so that when you go out there and shoot, you’re not gonna fill up your
phone and cause an issue. Having space on your
phone and having battery to shoot throughout the entire day are two essential things that
will make or break your shoot. If you’re always running into the issue of not having enough data storage, then I highly suggest taking a step back and looking at your complete workflow and figuring out how you can
make it a little bit easier so that you will have enough
footage for your shoot day and you have enough battery to last you for the entirety of what
you’re planning to shoot. And for some of you that means that you’re gonna have to
get an external battery so that you can keep your phone charged throughout your entirety of your shoot. – The next tip that I have for you is to not fall into the trap
of thinking that you need gear, that you need stuff, you
need gimbals and lenses and great microphones to
become a great creator or to get started on YouTube,
that’s simply not the case. What is important is the
story that you’re telling or the message that you’re
sharing with the world. If you master that, it
doesn’t matter about the gear. Now, the gear does serve its purpose, there will come a time
where you might want to get a microphone, you
might want to get a gimbal, you might want to get a lens but in terms of getting
started, that’s not important. MrBeast who just reached
20 million subscribers, he started off on an iPhone and got his first 200,000
subscribers only using his iPhone. Wrap your head around that for a second. – Dee is completely right,
gear does not matter and that’s what I said at
the beginning of this video. Gear doesn’t matter, just
start shooting with your phone. But if you do want to
get a few pieces of gear to add to your arsenal, the things that I would say
to look at are a tripod, a case to hold your phone so that you can mount other pieces on, a microphone, and then a light. So sometimes you’ll be
shooting in darker scenes and it’s nice to have an extra light so you can lighten up your face so that you always have a good look here when you’re shooting your content. Honestly, audio is way more
important than visuals, however, you do want your
visuals to look good. So if you’re going to be
constantly shooting in scenes where there’s lots of mixed lighting or there’s lots of dark lighting, then a light might be
something you should go after so that you can make sure
that your face is illuminated when you’re on camera
talking to your audience because you want to make sure that people aren’t clicking off your video because they can’t really
tell what’s going on. – When it comes to editing
video on your smartphone, you have a lot of great
options at your disposal. These are some of my favorites, on the Android side you have
PowerDirector and KineMaster and as an iOS user you have
KineMaster and LumaFusion but you also have iMovie which is free. Now if you’re on a budget or you need a totally free
app to get you started, check out Vlogit, that’s a great
cross-platform video editor. To make your YouTube channel art and your thumbnails for your videos, I recommend checking
out the following apps, Snapseed which is free
and owned by Google, super powerful app and you
also have PicsArt and PixelLab. If you’re intimidated by
looking at a blank canvas or you don’t yet have the
skills to make a design, check out the Canva app, this
is a template-based system and the way it works is you start with another design
created by someone else and you’re free to mold it
and bend it and shape it and then use it on your own channel. Canva is a great app for beginners. Now while I did say that gear wasn’t important to get started
and that’s absolutely true, I do want to talk about audio for a moment because if the microphone in
your phone doesn’t sound good and some older phones don’t
have great microphones, you might want to think
about upgrading your audio and picking up an inexpensive microphone. A great inexpensive microphone is the Boya BY-M1 lavalier microphone. It clips right onto your shirt and costs around 17 or 18 U.S. dollars. If you want something that
plugs right into your phone, Rode makes the Rode VideoMic
Me and VideoMic Me-L that can plug into your
lightning port for iOS users or your 3.5 millimeter headphone
jack for Android users. The next tip is to be mindful of how you’re holding your phone and make sure that you’re not
shaking your phone too much because if you have shaky footage, people are probably gonna tune out. Getting started, it might
help to hold it with two hands until you get comfortable with it and then you can hold
the phone with one hand and focus on being stable
as you share your message. And if you’re wondering what I’m shooting this with right now, I’m shooting this on my
iPhone XS front facing camera, that’s the selfie cam and
it’s the worst quality camera on the phone and I did this on purpose and that’s to prove to you
that if I can shoot this video on the worst camera on my phone and it ends up on YouTube on
a great channel like Jeven’s, then you can definitely do this too. – As both Dee and I have been saying throughout this entire
video, gear doesn’t matter. What matters is creating content that connects with the people on the other side of the camera. Just focus on your content first, focus on creating the best
content that you can create and really focus on
narrowing what you’re doing into a topic that people
want to gravitate towards and they want to follow you for. – If you want to learn how to use the apps that I mentioned in this video or just learn how to make better content or be a mobile YouTuber,
head on over to my channel, I would love to see you over there, Jeven is gonna put a link to my channel down in the description below. – Guys if you want to learn more about how to grow your YouTube channel and how to get your
first 1,000 subscribers, I’ll put a link right here and you could check out an entire series that I did with Dee’s brother Nick all about how to get your
first 1,000 subscribers. – Thank you so much for watching and Jeven, thanks for having me. – I’ll see on the next one.

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