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How to stream/pair videos from iPhone to TV wireless

How to stream/pair videos from iPhone to TV wireless

Open YouTube app from your Smart TV. Go to Settings and click OK. Now open YouTube app on your iPhone or
smartphone and sign in to your account. Slide to the right to sign in. Tap the settings icon. Tap ” Connected TVs “. Tap ” Enter Pairing Code ” And type the pairing code that shown on your TV
screen. Tap ” ADD ” Your device will be shown on your TV screen. Choose a video and tap Play.

11 thoughts on “How to stream/pair videos from iPhone to TV wireless”

  1. Your description says "any tv", but the video says "smart tv". I don't have a smart tv…but my tv can run apps. Will this work?

  2. Hi Kimberly
    If your TV run apps is a smart TV. If you have the Youtube app this will work for you also, but make sure you have install the latest update for youtube app.
     Good luck!

  3. so what this does is play youtube from your phone into your tv that already has youtube on it???? how useful.

  4. It works very well for youtube ONLY. How to stream all the other stuff from my smartphone such as videos, photos and music to my smart TV ?

  5. The interface is completely different now. Is there an updated guide for this? Even Google's own instructions are outdated, and the option seems to be completely gone for the iOS app.

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