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How To Sync Windows Phone 8 with Outlook using Akruto Sync –

How To Sync Windows Phone 8 with Outlook using Akruto Sync –

You’re watching this video because you use Outlook
to store your calendar, contacts and tasks and you want to synchronize them with your Windows Phone. The best way to synchronize your data between Outlook
and your Windows Phone is using Akruto Sync. What’s special about Akruto Sync is that it
doesn’t use an online account to synchronize your data The data is synchronized directly
between your computer and your phone. Because there is no online account involved, Akruto Sync
does not suffer from the limitations imposed by online services. Akruto Sync can handle a very large number of items. On this computer, I have over twelve thousand Outlook
Contacts, as you can see in the outlook status bar. Akruto Sync does not limit how much data you synchronize.
Twelve thousand, or even fifty thousand items are synchronized without a problem. Let’s look at one of the contact cards in Outlook. I have added a photo to this contact card. Unlike some cloud-based options, Akruto Sync lets you synchronize contact photos. If you like adding a lot of notes to your contacts or appointments you will be pleased that Akruto Sync does not impose a limit
on how long your notes are. As an example, I added a very long note to this contact card. These are complete Sonnets by William Shakespeare. The total length of this note is over 96 thousand characters.
Akruto Sync can sync it in its entirety. You can add multiple phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, and so on. Akruto Sync will sync anything that both Outlook and the phone can display. As far as your calendar Akruto Sync will sync all your past and future appointments. This is unlike cloud services,
which limit you to two weeks or a month of past appointments. With Akruto sync, if you want to keep several years worth of history on your calendar, you can synchronize it. Your synchronization software is not going to impose a limit. Calendar reminders will sync without a problem as will all-day appointments and recurrent appointments. Same great support for tasks, including tasks reminders tasks completion either on the phone or in Outlook and recurrent tasks. Some people have trouble finding the task app on their Windows Phone. To see tasks, you need to open the calendar app
and swipe your finger to the left or to the right, until you see the tasks or, as the Windows Phone calls them, “To-Dos”. Another great thing about Akruto Sync is that you do not need to move your data to an online account. Akruto Sync works with your existing Outlook data and you can continue to use the account (or accounts) that you have. Now I am going to demonstrate how to configure and use Akruto Sync. I have just installed Akruto Sync on this computer. This put a shortcut to Akruto Sync program on my desktop.
I am going to start Akruto Sync by double-clicking the shortcut. When you run Akruto Sync for the first time, it asks you to
configure it to sync with your phone. You do this by clicking the “Configure Akruto Sync” link. So, I am going to click the link now… This screen is asking me whether I want to sync
over the Internet or my home wireless network. I am going to choose my “home network” because it is a bit easier to configure. Now I am asked to make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on on my phone. So, I am going to take my phone and make sure that Wi-Fi is on. Scroll the application list. Find settings. And Wi-Fi is on. Back to Akruto Sync. I click “Continue” The next screen is asking me to take my phone and browse to an address. There are screenshots to show me what to do on my phone. And the address is shown right here. So, I am going to take my phone again
and start the Internet Explorer. OK, here is the Internet Explorer icon.
I am going to tap the icon. The address needs to be entered in the address bar
at the bottom of the screen. This is a Windows 8 Phone. If you have an older Windows 7 phone, the address bar is at the top. But on a Windows 8 Phone it is at the bottom, right here. So, I tap the address bar and the virtual keyboard pops up. You can see that as I type, the phone is
suggesting some web-sites to me. It is VERY important to ignore the suggestions and enter the address EXACTLY as it appears on the Akruto Sync screen. Now that I have entered the address, I am going to tap the enter key right here. This tells the phone to open the web-site. The page loads. There is some explanatory text
and a link to import my computer’s SSL certificate. The certificate is used to secure communications
between my phone and Akruto Sync. I am going to tap the link. The phone shows a confirmation screen and I tap “install”. The phone tells me that certificate was installed successfully. The screen actually flips back to install certificate screen, but we don’t need to worry about this. I am looking at the Akruto Sync screen on my computer. The screen has changed,
because Akruto Sync recognized that I imported the certificate. I click the “Continue” button. I now choose a username and a password. You can make up your own username and password. The only important thing is to remember the user-name and password that you choose,
so that you can enter them into your phone. I choose “sync” as my username and a super secret password. Type the password again. Click “Continue”. Now, the final screen asks me to create an Outlook account on the phone. The screenshots show me how to do this. I take my phone again. Go to “settings”. Email and accounts. Add an account. The phone offers me a choice of several account types. It is important to select the Outlook account type. So, I select Outlook. Now, I need to enter an email address and a password. The email is what appears on Akruto Sync screen. I type it here. The password has to be the same that I previously entered into Akruto Sync. I click “Sign in”. And we are done! Akruto Sync screen shows that sync is in progress. We let the sync complete and we are done. Thanks for watching. This is the first video in a series with many more videos to come. Subscribe to our channel so that you can easily find our other videos.

18 thoughts on “How To Sync Windows Phone 8 with Outlook using Akruto Sync –”

  1. Great job, Akruto! Love your local full sync product. Your video is too long but it was helpful to set up. Great work!

  2. With the Internet option, your phone uses a DNS name to connect directly to your computer (see our User Guide for instructions).  No matter whether you synchronize over your home network or the Internet, Akruto Sync does not use the cloud. In the future, we'll add more videos to describe synchronization over the Internet and answer other questions. Our User Guide and the FAQ page of our website can answer many questions you may have.

  3. I've just installed Akruto trial version on my laptop, at the first time, it's seem done well. but when I closed Akruto window and reopened it, then added task as well as meeting schedules on my outlook 2013. Consequently, I was quite disappointed because after more than 5 minutes, there are no changes on my windows phone. The Status item still displays "None" instead of "In Progess". I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  4. Tran, we will be happy to assist you and anyone who needs help with Akruto Sync. To make sure your question is handled by the most qualified person, please contact use the "Contact Us" section of our website. Our support engineers are always happy to help.

  5. Thanks for the clear tutorial.. It worked for my new Lumia-620.. However, my Outlook has Notes items.. Is it possible to Sync them..??

  6. very impressed with this info. searched all over trying to find out how to synch contacts FROM windows phone and nobody knew – synching it with outlook really simple 🙂 THANK YOU.

  7. I have two Calendars on my desktop Outlook…Office and Personal.  I would only like to sync the Personal one with my windows 8 nokia.  Same with my Contacts on my desktop Outlook.

    Will Akruto allow you to selectively sync only a subset of the Calendars and Contacts on your desktop?  If not, does it replicate the folders on my windows 8 phone?  That would be acceptable.

  8. Yes! Thank you, Akruto, for making my iPhone work with contacts and the calendar! Finally I can use this phone for everything–awesome, awesome, awesome.

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