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How To Take A Screenshot On iPhone & iOS 11 Screenshot Tips!

How To Take A Screenshot On iPhone & iOS 11 Screenshot Tips!

Hi guys, David and David here from,
and in this video, we’re going to show you how to take a screenshot on your iPhone. So the simple way to do this is simply to
hold your iPhone, and press the power button and the Home button at the same time. Boom. Now the screen should have a little white
flash to show that you took the screenshot. Don’t hold the buttons down together as other
things will happen. Right. But just tap them together. So let’s take one more screenshot — do
it again. Yep. And as you can see there’s that preview in
the lower left-hand corner of the screen. You can actually tap on that and you get all
these editing tools and you can also share from here. We’re just to show you some of those tools
real quick. Right. Let’s mark it up a little bit. Why don’t we add some text to it when we add
some text to it, right? So you can tap the plus sign in the bottom
right hand corner and you can see text here. You can add a signature you can do the magnifier,
which is a loupe tool. Go ahead. Let’s just add some text. I’m not able or to go text. That’s right there. It’s kinda hard to see on my phone because
the text is black and my background is kind of black but that’s totally okay because you
can tap the black circle in the bottom all of that. I can change it wait. There you go as you can see there’s some X
right there, right. You can also crop the image. You can just drag some of the slides down
and one. And then if you make a mistake, you can just
tap the back button in the upper right hand corner of the screen under just undo everything
you did if you make a mistake. So from here, you can either save it to screenshots. It’s just tap done to save the photos screenshot. Right You can also share the screen shot by
tapping that little arrow in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Yep. I was going to share it via the photos app. Yeah. Send me that beautiful screen shot. I accept that’s a great screenshot and then
it goes to my photos app. So that’s always go to the photos app. Yep, unless you choose to delete it here. So we’ll just just save that one save the
photos. So we took a screenshot with the physical
power button the physical Home button. You can also do it with Assistive Touch if
either those buttons are working. It’s also another way to do it. Yeah. So let’s go to the Settings app, and then
we’re going to open General, and then go to accessibility, and then scroll down to Assistive
Touch and tap the switch to the right of Assistive Touch to turn it on. Assistive Touch is a feature that is designed
for people who have difficulty touching the screen, but it can also be used in case the
buttons on your iPhone don’t work. So Assistive Touch creates this little virtual
Home button and the screen so you could drag it anywhere you want to. Tap on it to open the Assistive Touch menu
and then tap device, and then tap more, and then tap screen shot. And the same thing should happen here get
a little flash to indicate that the screenshot was taken and there it is again my screen
shots in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. I can mark it up. I can save it to photos. I can share it. I can delete it. I can do all this crazy stuff with my screenshot,
it’s amazing. It’s amazing. Yeah. Yeah the little Assistive Touch I can not
be in the screenshot. It was not yeah, the Assistive Touch icon
never shows up. So that is how you take a screenshot on your
iPhone. Thank you for watching this video and you’ll
forget to subscribe to this channel for more iPhone tips.

3 thoughts on “How To Take A Screenshot On iPhone & iOS 11 Screenshot Tips!”

  1. Hey so I have IOS 11 and I was able to screenshot and have the captured image appear on the bottom left hand corner but it no longer does that for some odd reason, can you find a way to enable that again?

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