38 thoughts on “How to take better pictures with your camera phone”

  1. @laketahoesalive I really like the Samsung galaxy, it has a big bright screen and a fairly decent camera, unlike the one I had before.

  2. I came, I saw, I commented, but my post isn't here.
    So the stupid question of the day is, can you take a decent cell phone picture if you or your camera are moving, even very slowly and conversely can you top motion of a moving object?
    Shows you who doesn't use a cell phone…but someday

  3. @RobertBlairKurtz Depends on how much motion… If you're taking a still you're usually OK with uniform motion, but video suffers badly from walking around.

  4. WoW! this was a great and very comprehensive video. Thats crazy about ppl falling off cliffs…I would never think about ppl looking into a cam and not paying attention. Everytime I watch one of your vids I am so like "yeah I have to go visit there!" btw how ironic is it that I am watching this from my phone? lol 🙂

  5. Nicely done!! I just picked up a Nokia 808 PureView and it has made me pay attention to getting better photos. I ran into your vid and learned a thing or two so thank you!

  6. good ideas & thoughts im making a vid 4 a school assingment and i want to make it good so i can upload it ot youtube aswell

  7. great tips but I was hoping for more technical tips. I recently got an LG Optimus G and I went on vacation to places with amazing landscapes, which make pictures beautiful as it is, and I got the most out of my phone camera by trying different options. It's not the best phone camera there is but I ended up with some pretty professional looking pictures. I'm amazed and I want to learn more

  8. what type of phone has that good of a picture quality in 2012 and its 2016 and my phone doesn't have that good of a picture….. I have galaxy j7

  9. Great video, my friend! Thank you for sharing your channel with me! I'm gonna check out your other videos. 🙂

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