how to trace location of ip address of computer , laptop , or mobile phone

Good mornning friends , In this tutorial i
am going to explain you that how to find the location of an ip address . suppose if you
had got any email from any one and you are willing to trace or track the location of
that ip address of that email sender . you can follow this procedure . suppose you have
an yahoo or gmail email account . lets first take yahoo one .let see this email . i had
got this email from ranjeet pal singh . in order to kinow the ip address of the sender
. in yahoo click right on the email subject and you will get an option view full header
.click on view full header , now you will get another window . search for
originating ip address , or received from
ip address . copy that ip address and go to google . there are lot of website which help
you in tracing the ip addresses geographical location . i personally use ip address locator
. you can use any one , click here and now paste that ip address and search . you will
get the location of that ip , i found here new delhi , you will also get the latitude
and longitude of that ip address to trace the exact position.if you further
enter the latitude and longitude in gmap it will show the exact position . now lets see
gmail process of finding ip address , just click on the email . you will find here an
option more click there and go to – show original . once you click there , you will get another screen . search there for – received
from ip address .

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