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How to Track a Cell Phone Number Location for Free Online

How to Track a Cell Phone Number Location for Free Online

Hello guys today I will show you how to track your phone if you lost it? Yes you don’t need to worry about your phone if you lost it Besically when you lost your phone the first thing in your mind is that Can I track my phone? yes, you can track it Let me show you how to trace your phone Here I will show you various method to trace your phone Not only track but you can also Ring it. Before starting this tutorial I want to clear some notes in your mind We can track our phone By using GPS Network location And IMEI number But We are unable to track our IMEI number If you want to track it then you need to go for Cops or Police Now google also proving this facility to track your phone using GPS and network location So, First we are going to track our phone by using Google So, First of all you need to check this you have logged in in your google account or not Because if you net logged in then you can not track it using google Here Iam going to show you my google account So, go to settings and Accounts and here is my google account already logged in Look at this here is my ID So, please login in your google account before track your phone From here we start the real procedure To sinf a lost phone or to trace a phone So, Go to the google and search for android device manager here is a first result of android device manager. click on it Here it ask you for email ID and Password So, please enter it and log in Look at this IT detects my phone Redmi nite 3 and trying to locate my phone It take some times like 10 or 15 seconds but don’t worry about it look at this it show me my phone location This is an accurate result From here you cna ring your phone. Click on this button It will ring your phone Mext new button is a lock If you want to lock your phone then click on this button It will popup a new diloguebox Fillup some information here and click on lock Next new button is erase If you want to erase your data then click on this button andonce again click on erase If this method is not working to track your phone Then don’t worry we also have other solution. It is based on your phone brand If you have a samsung phone then you can follw this method Open google and search for “Find my phone Samsung” It will show you first result “” Click on it Here it will ask you for username and password Fillup it and log in If your phone is not prepare for the Find my location of samsung Then you can prepare it from here look at this they give us a prepare button here Click on it It will show you how to setup Ask you for go to settings Go to security and here is a find my mobile and login with your samsung account and you must turn on the remote controls ok so, you can do it from here after this preparation you are able to log in to find my mobile of samsung after login your screen will look like this it will locate your device here and shows other options like locate my device lock my device ring my device call logs wipe my device and lock my screen, etc. these all options can help you to find your phone so, samsung owners can find their phone from here If you are a MI device owner then this method can help you to trace your phone Go to the google and dearch fro MI cloud and click on the forst result Here it show to sign in with MI account Click on it type here email ID and Password to login I am typing here my email ID and password here and going to sign in It will open MI cloud Here one option is give ” Find my device” Click on it It is for us It is locating my device and showing location of my phone here you cna use both options baidu and google you can use baidu also you can ring your phone from here erase the data and lock your phone and here is a lock your phone this button is for erase your data So, you can do all these things from here.

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  2. Found my phone using Google! Thought I was going to have to buy a new phone…..It was right on the tv stand. lol Thanks!!

  3. If phone have Internet connection only can work but if no Internet connection can't 😭

    My phone have been stolen & it has been shut off so I can't detect

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  5. in an emergency like family member threatening suicide can i locate their cell phone location if they turned off their phone

  6. I hope to GOD that this works cuz my brother lost his phone today and it's showing somewhere near us in restaurant so I hope this location thing is right.

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