40 thoughts on “How to Track Affiliate Link Clicks with Google Analytics and Tag Manager”

  1. Hello Julian

    When I reproduce your link opening at 3:56 (with "open on new tab", I've got a pc) the tag doesn't appears.
    But when I click directly on the link the tag appears shortly before my page changes.

    Do you see what it might be ? I am unable to track click-event on my G-A.

    Thanks and regards

  2. Could you explain how you set up your tag for this? Because your tag is already created, right? You used Global Analytics? What were the parameters? My tag manager is labeled "Workspace" not "Container" I think this was part of an update. Can you explain how to create the tag for tracking clicks?

  3. Great tutorial. But why did you put {{Page Path}} as an event label? Usually the page path is part of the event data no? So you can always slice and dice data in GA to see where the event has happened?

  4. Do you have a mouse shortcut to close a tab?

    I saw you didn't click the X button but you closed your tabs just with your mouse click. wtf? 😀

  5. Julian. I have a question…. how can I send over the Tag Manager Trigger Name over to Google Analytics? I don't want to create a new tag for each product and each product only has ASIN number I made one tag for Amazon affiliate clicks, and I am making triggers for each image clicked on (for when they don't got to the actual product page, but click a picture and go straight to amazon)… but no label goes with it and I don't want to look it up each time I view my analytics info. So I tried to make a lable in GA, but can't figure it out. Or can I assign a user defined variable in TM and then assign that to a specific trigger? I hope you understand what I'm trying to do here. I mean I could write my own code in php and create my own report, but I want it all in GA. I hope you have an answer… thank you in advance.

  6. When i check that last step, it shows all pageviews i guess. I see numbers which are the same as with conversion set to all???

  7. I don't see Clicks anymore under the Variables sections – I guess GTM has updated since this video. What would I do now in this case? Thanks!

  8. HI Julian, great video and explaining of the concept, i would like to ask you.. how can i track my affiliate link to a level of which ad on adwords, made triggered the affiliate link on my website and eventually made the purchase on amazon?

  9. Julian! Thank you so much for the excellent video. I've learned a lot!
    I have a question, and I hope you could help me out or maybe point the video I should watch.
    So, We are planning to use Native Advertising on our website.
    The ad will open as a pop-up, not in the separate tab.
    If we want to promote some event and for example redirect users to another website where they can buy tickets, how can we track if the user purchased the tickets or sign up etc.?
    I would appreciate your help!

  10. Thank you for this tutorial. Is there a way, we can attribute such events to the channel/source of traffic. For example, if we have traffic from paid search and if the button click triggers an event, will we be able to attribute that event to paid search or organic or social. Might be a stupid question. Any explanation or help could be of great help. Awaiting your response. Thanks,

  11. Just FYI I was selected to be a beta tester for Amazon's OneTag based Content Insights click/sale tracking however I'm not confident about any effects or problems it may have. So I appreciate learning how to do this and take advantage of existing Analytics features rather than having to add even more JS overhead etc.

  12. Hey guys i recently signed up for this mobile app & offer affiliate program. And here are a few questions

    – what is a global postback link & how to make it & also where to make it.
    – what resources I need to do this?

    I hope you fellow affiliates have some ideas as for strategy- I am planning to run mobile display ads if you have any more ideas do tell me

  13. Hey, there is a issues while checking in analytics real time events
    I have used a plugin which has the link of amazon.com while on product title I have used amzn.to. So I have added both in Click Url contains amzn.to and amazon.com but in event it is only tracking amazon.com links not amzn.to. Please solve.

  14. @4:19 – I can't see the click action =/
    And I don't really get how to fix this. How can I "Change my HTML" or "Install an custom listener"? Just something to put into google search would help me – those fix hints are just a little bit to random. Please help!

  15. Great content Julian! Thank you so much for sharing! =)
    For me, the two options @6:41 "Wait for Tags" and "Check Validation" didn't work out: I could see in the trigger that the third check – a strange RegEx with numbers like an ID – failed. Don't know exactly what this third check ("_triggers matches RegEx", see @10:56) does, but it failed =/
    Removing the two options in the trigger made it work.

  16. followed all the steps but when i got to the tag and finished making it and went back to try to button again, the trigger is not firing.

  17. No event occurs in my Google Analytics Dashboard. So the event is recognized, but no data is transferred to Analytics. Any suggestions? Plz help

  18. Julian! You need to show people how to remarketing to people who clicked on an affiliate link. They must do GTM Outbound Click > Set up GA goal > Create remarketing audience within GA.

  19. Hi julian, in indonesia a lot of affiliate market, what the best practice to do that ? example at the website have 3 button for 3 different marketplace. (amazon, ebay, alibaba) thanks Julian 🙂

  20. So there is no way to filter out actual buyers righ? Is there any way to stop retargeting for those who already purchased our affiliate offers?

  21. Will GTM tag get blocked from deploying in some browsers leading to lost commission? If so is there a way to track blocked tags? Awesome video by the way, thanks !!!

  22. This was super helpful! The trigger I set for my WIX site worked as expected; however, when I tried to set a second trigger, it doesn't seem to work on my blog pages. In fact, it won't even register a link click at all (in the preview). Do you know if WIX blog pages have different rules/parameters?

  23. I've gotten all the way till the end – but on Google Analytics it's not showing the event as appear live as it happens, and therefore I can't track it. Can anyone help?

  24. Hoping you still read and answer questions..

    I've had success with tracking outbound links.. but what about coupon type of site/structure?

    Most coupon sites tend to take you straight to retailer website, and creates a new tab with their coupon site. I've tried tracking this with GTM, but it would not, because the coupon page would jump straight into retailer.. what's the trick to track this?

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