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How to track your (Xbox or Surface) order from the Microsoft Store | Microsoft

How to track your (Xbox or Surface) order from the Microsoft Store | Microsoft

hi I’m Tina from a customer service team at Microsoft today I’m going to walk you through how to track your Microsoft Store comm order [Music] first head over to account top Microsoft comm and click sign in sign in using your email phone number or Skype ID if you’re using an email it could be anything like Outlook comm Gmail comm or one side in go ahead and click on payments and billing and click on order history an order confirmation email is sent to the inbox of the email address that was used to place the order we will follow up within 24 business hours with a shipping confirmation email to the same email address once your order has been shipped within the shipment confirmation email we will include the shipping courier’s name and a tracking number that can be used on the shipping couriers website to track the progress of your shipment you can find the same information on account Microsoft comm anytime after receiving your shipping confirmation email to look up your order status and tracking information click the track shipping link and you will be redirected to a page that shows the current status of your shipment in addition to the history of activities that have occurred on the major check points along the way don’t be alarmed if you don’t see any shipping activity right away it may take up to two days from the time that you received or its shipping confirmation email for the courier to update the tracking details if you suspect that there’s an issue with your shipment or there is no update to your tracking number after two days from receiving your shipping confirmation email please visit support Microsoft comm and click the store button for additional assistance if you enjoy this video please click on the like button and subscribe to our Channel

13 thoughts on “How to track your (Xbox or Surface) order from the Microsoft Store | Microsoft”

  1. The standards ship take more than 10days longer
    I want to edit it to fast ship by ups but I can't get my tracking number
    I bought it on 16 November in Microsoft Japan

  2. Hi I recently ordered From Microsoft I went to check on the website yet the order still says pending how long will it take to confirm I have not received any email

  3. Ok, so i ordered rainbow six siege and it been a week and all it say is that it is complete. But yet, i have not gotten the email that tell me when i get the package?

  4. I ordered mortal kombat 11 on Monday night, and it said it was coming on the 23rd. It is the 24th and it still says pending

  5. I boht a digital game from the store, and I can't find it on my account on my Xbox. What do I do??

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