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How to Transfer Images from iPhone to Mac

How to Transfer Images from iPhone to Mac

Yo this is Terrance Gaines aka BrothaTech and one of my favorite social media management tools buffer is allowing its
users to auto post images directly to Instagram. That means I can schedule
Instagram posts from my Mac, and remove my iPhone from the whole Instagram
posting equation. Now I just have to figure out the best way to get images
off my iPhone and onto my Mac. Now 75% of the time, using AirDrop or iCloud to
wirelessly sync between my iPhone and my Mac is 100% effective. With
both AirDrop and iCloud, the transfer rate between the devices is only gonna
be as good as your wireless connection quality Additionally, the larger or longer the
files are the longer is gonna take to do it wirelessly. So whether you need to
share one photo between your iPhone on your Mac to upload to Instagram, or you
need to do a bulk transfer to save a lot of photos to your Mac, there’s nothing
like a wire connection to do that as quickly and painlessly as possible. Yes
that means you need to use wires… Don’t sleep on using wires to connect your
iPhone on your Mac for the best transfer and the free often slept on Image
Capture app that’s free and comes with all Macs in my opinion is the best way
to transfer images and photos from your iPhone and your Mac. Yes that means you
still need to use your iPhone… Between Airplay, AirPods, AirDrop, and any other
“Air” technologies I forgot to mention Apple is heavy on going Wireless but
there’s something about a good old physical connection between your devices
that guarantees success without waiting for a wireless transfer to complete.
That’s where Mac’s a native Image Capture app shines. To use Image Capture simply
connect your iPhone to your Mac…First you got to make sure your phone is
unlocked, then open Image Capture by either using Spotlight Search – You can
access Spotlight Search two ways. First way is by clicking the magnifying glass
in the upper right hand corner of your Mac’s menu bar or you can use the
keyboard shortcut by pressing “Command” + “space” to launch Spotlight Search. Once
Spotlight Search is open, you can type image capture in the search bar; Or you
can open Image Capture by opening ‘Finder’ then going to ‘Applications’ then clicking
on the Image Capture app. Then pick your phone and the devices list and all your
photos and videos will appear in the window. You can either select the images you want and drag them to your desktop, or to
another folder if you have a Finder window open or you can select the
location from the import to section at the bottom of the image capture window
then choose between importing your selected photos or you can select them
all if you want to transfer a complete copy of your phone’s photos. The benefit
of using the second option is that image capture will remember your selection and
will serve as the default location for future imports. As you can see the image
capture app is simple used and there’s not much more to it. The only other
options are the ability to choose what if any application will open when you
connect your phone if you select ‘Image Capture’ as the app that will open it
will display your photos directly after connecting your phone; The option to
delete your photos from your iPhone after you do an import; and the option to
keep original non-edited copies of photos on your Mac. And that’s pretty
much it. In my opinion using Image Capture ensures the fastest
photo and video transfer especially if you have to move a ton of photos or
videos at one time. As sexy as wireless is there’s nothing like a wire connection
between your iPhone or your Mac and using the free native Image Capture app
ensures the fastest photo transfer especially if use in large photos. For
more Apple tech tips and tricks, be sure to “LIKE” and “Subscribe” and follow me on
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