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How to Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone (and iPhone to Windows!)

How to Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone (and iPhone to Windows!)

– Are you wondering how to transfer videos from your PC to an iPhone
or how to transfer videos back to your Windows PC from an iPhone? On this video, we’re gonna run through a few quick and easy ways to do both. (joyful melody) – Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you’re new here, make sure you click that subscribe button and all the links to everything
I mention in this video you can find linked in
the description box below. So let’s jump into it. Now whether you have shot
your videos on your iPhone or iPad and you want
to edit them on your PC or you’ve got the footage
saved from your camera on your Windows computer, but you wanna edit them on your iPhone, the process to actually
import or transfer the files between your PC and your iPhone or iPad is unfortunately not as
seamless as you might hope. The good news is that there are actually a few easy ways to do it. So in this video we’re gonna
run through the options that I’d recommend
that’ll have you covered no matter what your circumstances. Just a heads up that there are actually a couple of different options that we’re gonna cover off here and you might find that one of them works particularly well with your workflow, so I definitely suggest
sticking around to see all the different options available before you jump off
and put it into action. Okay, so we’re gonna start off with getting your files off
your phone or your iPad and onto your computer. So the first wat we’re gonna
look at is using the cable that came with your phone. So you wanna plug your phone
using the lightning cable into a USB port on your computer. Now, it may pop up straight away saying that you need to trust
or authorize the device, so make sure that you accept that, then all you need to do is
open up a Explorer window and come over to this PC, and then you can open
up there Apple iPhone. So double click on that. Internal storage. DCIM, 100 Apple. And here are all your photos
and video files on the phone. So, to get them off, all you need to do is select the ones that you want and you can just drag them
into the folder that you want or drag them somewhere like your desktop and they’ll start to copy off. So really straightforward. If you don’t have your cable with you or you wanna transfer them off using wifi, then if you go to the app store and install the VLC for mobile app. With that app installed, you just wanna open up then the photos app and hit select and pick
the photos or the videos that you wanna transfer to your computer. So just tap on the ones that you want. Let’s press these five. Then we’ll go share
down in the bottom left, and here you wanna pick save to files. Go through and prepare your
files to copy them over, and then you’ll just
wanna pick the VLC folder and choose add. That shouldn’t take long at all ’cause it’s just copying
the filed internally into that VLC app. So now when we go back to the VLC app, you can see that we’ve got these files here in it ready to go. So now that you’ve got
your files in there, you do wanna turn on one more setting so that we access those from the computer. So let’s go back up to that marker cone there in top left hand corner and make sure that sharing
via wifi is selected. You’ll see that it’s
got a web address there., that might be different depending on your actual network setup. What you wanna do is
type out that web address into your desktop computer. Now both your computer and your phone will need to be on the same network, but they don’t necessarily
need to be connected via wifi. So your computer, if it doesn’t have wifi, this is still gonna
work as long as the two are connected to the same network. So if I open up my web browser, I will then type in that address, and that’ll open up that app
on our phone as a website, but we can directly
interact with our phone. You see we’ve got the option here to download those files that are in there. So then it’s just a matter of picking the files that we want. So this one here, it’ll start to play but we can pause it. Let me just right click
and choose save video as, and we can choose where
we want to save it to, so maybe here just under downloads, hit save, and that’s
gonna happen pretty quick because it’s not going over the internet, it’s just talking direct to your phone So if we open up Downloads now, there’s the file there. So that’s how easy it is to get your files and photos and things
off your iPad or iPhone and onto your Windows computer. Now to get the files back the other way, the process is pretty similar, but depending on the app that
you wanna use these files in, the process can be a little bit different. So the first method I’m gonna
show you is using iTunes. Now for this method, you will need to have your
phone connected to your computer again, with the USB to lightning cable that came with the phone. So once you’ve plugged in
your phone, open up iTunes. Now you may need to grant access or give permission to your phone again to allow it to connect. And what you wanna do is click this little picture of a phone here. Then you wanna come down to file sharing and you can see here that we’ve got a heap of different apps. DJI Go, iMovie, Fronto,
all of these apps here will have something to
do with video or photo and editing and playback. So these apps here you can actually directly import the files straight to those apps for use in it. So all we need to do is either
pick the app that you want, so for us, we’ll just pick iMovie. So you can either then drag and drop your files into this window or you can click add file here. But our files are right
here on the desktop, so let’s just grab these files here and drag them over to this area. You can see when we let go, the files start copying
over automatically. So this will work with any
audio files, video files, or any photos or anything
that you want to use in your iMovie app. So once the files are on the actual phone, we’ll jump back over to the phone, open up iMovie, and then down
in the bottom left hand corner you’ll see this download or import button, so press on that. Then select iTunes down in the bottom, and we’ve got the import five files. So when we press that, it’s going to bring those five files in that we just imported from the computer and drop them into a new iMovie project. And you can see that it’s
even created a timeline there with all of those clips ready to go in it. So that’s how you can import your files directly into an individual app. So the same would apply
if you want your files in Lumafusion to edit your videos in that. So now if you wanna transfer your files back to your phone over
the network or over wifi, then the process is
almost exactly the same that we ran through earlier using VLC. So make sure you’ve got the VLC
app installed on your phone, open up VLC, click the little cone in the top left hand corner, and make sure that sharing
via wifi is enabled. Then over on your computer, you wanna open up your web browser and type in that same number. And then to send your
files over to the phone, you can just drag and drop
them into the window here, or you can come up here to the plus button to pick them manually. So we’ve got them here on the desktop, let’s just select these files and drag them onto the window here. You can see that they are
transferring over wirelessly. Again, your computer
and your phone will need to be connected to the same network. So now, back on the
phone inside the VLC app, we can see that we’ve
got those files there that are now on our phone, but they’re still inside the VLC app. So in order to use them in any other app, we need to save them out. So if you press edit in
the top right hand corner, select all the files
that you wanna use there, you can just press select all at the top, and then down in the
bottom left hand corner, you can see the share
button or the export button. So if we press on that, then we either get to choose to drop them directly into the apps
that we wanna use them in, like you’ve got there copy to LumaFusion, copy to iMovie, and then
they’ll be able to be accessed inside of those apps. Or if you just want them
into the photos app, then you can just press save five videos, ’cause we’ve got five videos selected, which is in the bottom left hand corner. Then just hit okay to give VLC permission to copy the files into
your photos and it’s done. The third option is to use
a cloud based platform. Could be iCloud, it could be Google Drive, it could be Dropbox, but the idea is that you share your files
out to one of those platforms and upload your files to the cloud, and then on your phone or your iPad, you open up that app for that service and you download those
files back to your device. The biggest downside
with this method, though, is obviously your internet bandwidth. If you’re gonna be moving
large files up to the cloud and then downloading
them back to your device, it could take a really long time. So depending on your workflow, type of videos you’re creating, and how you’re actually
shooting your videos, this might be the method for you. Okay, so those are my top recommended ways for transferring your files
between your iPhone and your PC. Now if you are looking to
edit your videos faster, then check out the video
linked on screen now with our entire video editing process, step by step, to help you edit
in the most efficient way. And if you’re interested in editing videos on your IOS device, then check out the other video where we cover off our
top recommended apps. I’ll see you soon.

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