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How to Transfer Videos From Your Computer to Your Phone, Fast | Camera Roll & Post to Instagram

How to Transfer Videos From Your Computer to Your Phone, Fast | Camera Roll & Post to Instagram

Hi there, this is Jacob Jacob le video production
and in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to get videos from your computer onto
your camera roll. This can be videos you edited or videos already
on your computer. And this is great for Instagram. Instagram does not allow you to post from
your computer which is a huge bummer. It’s kind of a pain in the neck. But this is a super easy way to do it. In the past I have tried a couple different
methods one you can just send it over text but this does take a very long time. I’ve also used Dropbox in the past but a lot
of people have trouble keeping enough space and even when I was paying for a paid plan
this method is just quite a bit easier. So let’s get going. Alright, so I have this video that I have
edited. And I’m just going to export it. So this is for Instagram. You can either do square or 1350 high by 1080
wide. And each 264 is a good codec. I’m going to get that going and just call
it, Yeah, slider shots finished. Awesome.Now I am going to get the screen recording
going on my phone.So we want to goto the App Store and search for VLC. I’ve already got it pulled up here and I do
have it installed. So you’ll want to click Get It is free. I’ll just click open and we just get this
blank screen. But we want to go into the top left cornerand
you’ll see the sharing via Wi-Fi.If we click that, then we can use this code in like Safari
or a web browser, things like that. To transfer the files incredibly quickly. You will have to pull up VLC first. If you just have it saved as a bookmark or
use it but don’t have your phone going, it will give you an error message. So, I’m going to show this file I created
I’m just going to open up Firefox and then we’re going to take this code we have you
don’t need the HTTP.So yeah, it’s 192168142. So I’m going to click Enter.And now I can
go, take my file and watch how quick this is.I’ll drop the fileand it’s uploaded and
now it’s on my screen I’ll click Edit selected and click the bottom left cornerand choose
Save video. File was successfully saved a camera so it’s
as easy as that. And the nice thing you could choose 10 files
I had a multi posts video and it’s incredibly quick you know that was like 10 seconds between
dragging it here and having it on my phone and my camera roll.Now some of those programs
like buffer and Hootsuite are starting to talk about implementing being able to post
videos from those platforms. However, there are some reasons forInstagram
that you would want to have it on your phone that that would be beneficial.I’m not sure
if they’re going to add where you can post like a bunch of videos quite yet. So if you’re doing multiple videos, that option
is not going to work for scheduling and also I will just open it up here.Being able to
choose the cover is really important. You could also add in filters as well. So I’m going to click next.So choosing the
cover is incredibly important. And you can only do this when you set it up. So you know I can set it to besomething like
that. So now I will exit out of this and show you
an example. So on my feed when people are scrolling through
and looking throughIt will impact what they can see. So before I was setting the cover, here’s
an example.This is a really on a good frame,it would be a whole lot better if you know you
could actually see what was going on in the video. I didn’t set that it just default to the first
one. And I mean sometimes if you fade in from black,
you’re just left with this black box like I have right there. But the video is really interesting. So you know, I could haveactuallywent into
the video and found something a lot nicer. Unfortunately, they don’t allow you to set
that later on. Sothere is a benefit and having it on your
phone. It’s pretty quick and it’s easy to do multi
posts and you can add filters and you can set that cover also when you’re typing up
the decision.encryption you can use emojis a lot easier and because like for Throwback
Thursday that’s a hashtag that is a little bit too competitive for me to compete where
people who are following that hashtag are not going to see my content because I’m going
to be you know, 800 in the list of people for that hashtag however, Throwback Thursday
son emoji, you know, it only has like 20,000 people actually have a shot of ranking for
that it is possible when you’re typing up to use emojis, but it’s just so much easier
on your phone. Anyway, I hope that was helpful. This is the easiest way that I have found
if you’d like me to do how to send it over Dropbox. I can do that as well. But trust me, this is a lot easier. Thank you so much for watching this video. I’ll see you in the next one.

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