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How To Turn Any Android Phone Into An iPhone…

How To Turn Any Android Phone Into An iPhone…

So I got an email, recently, with a bizarre suggestion And a link to an app lets you turn your Android phone into an iPhone X. Why would you want to do that? Second of all, what does he mean exactly? Obviously your device is not going to magically turn into an iPhone X But what this guy built is an iPhone X launcher for Android A lot of great things about Android is you can use some pretty wild stuff right out of the box You can install any launcher that you want. There are plenty of good ones and then there’s weird ones. Like this one. Now maybe there is a little practicality for individuals coming from iOS. Super familiar with the iPhone X gestures and want to switch over Truthfully, I think this idea is more of a novelty. Nonetheless, I have been asked to check it out. So, let’s go ahead and do so. Like I said, a bunch here. Phone X Launcher, OS 11 iLauncher Theme for new iPhone X HD iLauncher iPhone X ygg8 t876t67 ytg8tf8 gyiuy hbb hbuyg huh hbh njnhjgfhg uihihi hhgy jyhjk jnugujun yg hhgfgv jhyg hjgffg ghjh ghjkjh bnmjhvbn hjk jklk ghjkjhg hjklkjhjkl nm,;lkjhg ghjklkjhgf gfghjkl kjhgfghjk jhgfghjk jhghjk mh k k k k klkk jjj kkk jkj 6y9yg7u yfty6 fcuft yftftfr 76t5ur tyvigitf ugifitfr7 tfyitu trfvyiuyity tfryfy ff fgctfhgj fvyutufy gugfyt help me i’m 2 rich yg765v uf fv yfgr ygbuyt76t gvuhjg7ty dfghj sdfghjk frghjk sdxcfvghjk qwertyuiopasdfghjkl;zxcvbnm,. erty rtyu rtyu rtyu dfghj ghjfd fghjre dfgyutre yfyhjhgfredrt ctd54rt ygv7tgf65 t7f6f ygtf65r tgytf7yt fvyftg r5f6tg7yr yfvytft6rf ytvfyfyt hgvurfytf vytf676t ytvytrfyt yvy6rrtf bug76ufu 65r65fyrf hjvjgyug hgvytfyt ygiuhguyhbihiu

100 thoughts on “How To Turn Any Android Phone Into An iPhone…”

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  2. why would you do this? i mean is just because someone like the looks? is it to feel less potent? or is there a functional reason

  3. Dear sir we android users have every right to use these launchers though you dont recommend us since we all know big life starts with small dreams and I think you too might be a android user………

  4. Who changed their phone into an iPhone X and then at the end of the video it said don’t do it……… and I oop

  5. man…. this think is shit…. u can do a flash or something…. its not hard to find a app from playstore and to download it… disappointment

  6. 99% taking about the caption
    1%taking about if u can enable it
    30%taking about how they only installed it for the emoji

  7. simple, people are creatures of habit, they've gotten used to using IOS but enough is enough with apple's predatory practices so everyone has jumped ship to android.
    Now they are on android they've just made apps to make their new androids behave the way they are used too so get the same user experience without the hash butt fisting that apple administers.

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