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How to use AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch — Apple Support

How to use AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch — Apple Support

With AirDrop, you can
wirelessly share your files, photos, and even Safari links
with someone nearby. Here’s how to use it. ♪ Music playing ♪ You don’t need to be connected
to the Internet to use AirDrop, just make sure you have
Bluetooth turned on. ♪ Now tap the file, photo,
or document you want to share. ♪ Then look for the share icon. If you don’t see it,
tap the more icon to find it. You can use AirDrop in Safari, Photos, Files, or any app
that has the Share button. In the AirDrop field, you’ll see
a list of nearby contacts or users who have
AirDrop turned on. Next, tap the person you’d like
to share your file with in the AirDrop field.
[AIRDROP TONE] When your recipient taps Accept, you’ll see a Sent confirmation
when the file is received. Now let’s see how to manage
who sends you files through AirDrop
in Control Center. To access Control Center, swipe up from the bottom
of your screen. Or if you’re using an iPhone X, swipe down from the upper-right
corner of your screen. Next, touch and hold
the network settings card or firmly press it if your device
supports 3D Touch. Tap AirDrop, and select who can
quickly send you photos, videos, and more. ♪ Now you can share even
faster with people nearby. For more helpful tips like this, subscribe to the
Apple Support channel, or click a video
to keep watching.

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