How to Use an External Microphone on Android Phone with 3.5mm Headphone Jack

Recording audio from an external microphone
on an Android phone should be an easy thing to do but many people have found that it is
not as simple as it seems and using a 3.5mm microphone. The only place you can plug in a microphone
is in this headphone jack. But you will not get the result you’ll want. I’ll show you what happens. My microphone has a standard 3.5mm plug on
the end. When I plug the microphone in, the phone recognizes
that a device has been plugged in. I’m going to use the built-in audio recorder
to show you that this won’t work at this time. So I’ll start the app recording and I’ll tap
on the microphone. On the display, the VU meter doesn’t register
any audio. That’s because the phone actually thinks that
headphones are plugged in. But the audio jack on the phone is for headphones
and microphones. To make this work, I’ll need an adapter cable
like this one from StarTec which splits the audio connections to and from the phone into
separate jacks. One end has 2 female inputs and the other
has a single male 3.5mm plug. On a closer look, the microphone plug only
has 3 sections on the plug while the adapter cable has 4 sections. This is called a TRRS plug. And the extra contacts on the plug help separate
input and output on the phone’s audio port. The female ports on the adapter are clearly
marked for microphone and headphone plugs as you can see here. So using this adapter, let’s try to get audio
into the phone from the microphone. Make sure the microphone is plugged into the
port that has the microphone symbol. Then let’s plug the adapter into the phone. This is my set up right now and I’m ready
to record some audio! Let’s go back into the recording app and test
the microphone input. You can see that the phone is definitely getting
audio from the microphone now all with the use of a simple and inexpensive cable adapter. Now you can use any 3.5mm microphone with
your Android device including lavalier microphones. You can even plug in a set of headphones in
the other side of the adapter to monitor audio as well. I hope this video answered some of your questions
about using an external microphone on your Android phone. And if you found this video helpful, please
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