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How to use Find My iPhone — Apple Support

How to use Find My iPhone — Apple Support

Misplaced your device? If you’ve previously set up
Find My iPhone, you can use it
to locate your device on a map. Then you can play a sound
from the device, put it on Lost Mode
to remotely lock it and display a message,
or erase all of its data. Let’s take a look
at these options. To start,
tap the Find iPhone app, then enter
your Apple ID password… ♪ Music playing ♪ …and tap Go. ♪ If you haven’t enabled
location services on your device, you may be prompted
to turn them on now. This feature will allow you
to see the distance between you
and your lost device. You’ll also see
a list of devices that have
Find My iPhone enabled. The Find My iPhone feature
can be set up on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or a Mac. When you set up this feature
on your iPhone, any Apple Watch or AirPods
paired with the device will also be set up. A green dot means the device is securely broadcasting
its location. Now tap the device
that you would like to locate, and tap Actions. If you believe
your device is nearby but still can’t find it,
tap Play Sound. Your misplaced device will chime so if it’s nearby
you can hear it. [CHIMING] If you still can’t
find your device, you can protect its contents with a couple
of helpful options. First, let’s look at Lost Mode. Lost Mode remotely
displays a message on your misplaced device
and locks it with a passcode. It also allows you
to track its location while it’s missing. To start this process,
tap Lost Mode, then tap Turn On Lost Mode. Now enter a phone number
where you can be reached. This will appear
on the lost device with a message to contact you. Tap Next to continue. Find My iPhone
has a default message to accompany your phone number,
but you can customize it here. When you’re ready, tap Done. And now anyone
that finds your lost device will see your message. ♪ Lastly, if you need to, you can erase the contents
of a lost device. Once you do this,
you cannot track the device, so be sure you’re ready
before taking this action. For more helpful tips like this, subscribe to the
Apple Support channel or click a video
to keep watching. ♪

51 thoughts on “How to use Find My iPhone — Apple Support”

  1. What if I turn erase data off what will happen will I still get my iPhone disabled or will it continue adding minutes

  2. This doesn’t work, people will just turn the device off ASAP and you can’t find it. Bring a better idea maybe a tiny battery into a mother board that gives some type of small energy to the mother board for at least 72 hours to people be able to locate the phone.

  3. Samsung allows you to forbid turning off the device, Internet and GPS when the phone is locked. And even if the sim card is removed, you can still locate it by wifi. Please add these functions so that you can actually find a stolen phones when the thief isn't a complete idiot🙄

  4. Find My iphone and Apples support is a joke. I recently found an ipad and wanted to return it to the owner, i dont live to close to a Apple store so just called to see what i could do. I gave them the information i could obtain from a activation locked ipad. In response, we cannot give you there information(Obviously), when i clearly stated at the start i wanted them to tell me a place to send it or i could drop it off at the closest store so they could get it back to him/her. Let me talk to my supervisor the support said. Well a few minutes later returns with u need that person to activate it. DUHHH So i ask can you contact them i dont want any information of them i want you to contact them to return it. Time 3 ive made myself clear. one minute please, well sir my best suggestion is finding a way to contact this person. So is that encouragement to try and find peoples info to do the right thing or to try and bypass it so its not just sitting around as a expensive paperweight. I used to love Apple but this is just a joke. Well atleast now i know if i loose my phone and a good person wants to get it back to me its still gone and il just have to get a new one. Wont be apple. And to the person whos Ipad I found sorry I tried

  5. Hi there, I have important question. My iPhone 7 was stolen then I used find iPhone. Actually I trace where my iPhone when they unlock but sad to say I cannot catch and find the robber. Is there any chance to get my phone. A lot of personal info, photos, etc. Which is very important. I don't know how to do

  6. I have only 1 iPhone and I lost it and I don't have any other apple devices how do I locate it now. Please help

  7. How could I possibly use my lost or stolen iPhone in order to locate my lost or stolen iPhone ?

  8. What if it says location unavailable of the lost device? Why would it do that? It happens to me on a test at home.

  9. I really really need to know!!! we try to find our iPhone , because we can’t find it ! So …it is not with us !

    How to use iPhone open this app to find iPhone????????

  10. How do you login to Find My IPhone if you forgot your password, I know my email but not my password ;-; someone help me pls!

  11. A friend located my iPhone thru FindmyiPhone … great!!! EXCEPT now I have 2 options on the home screen…1) call myself 2) call Emergency!?!? … the 1st option was totally bizarre … the 2nd option was met with anger by the emergency services!?!?… so I reset my iPhone many times… but STILL unable to contact the outside world, except for myself or emergency services… emergency services may become my best contact with the outside world very soon 🙁

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