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How to use the LOOKUP formula in Google Sheets

How to use the LOOKUP formula in Google Sheets

welcome everybody its Mitchel from Sheetgo
and today I’m going to teach you how to use the Lookup formula in Google sheets
the Lookup formula search through row or column to find a key and will return the
desired result well this is very similar to the Vlookup and the Hlookup formula but with a difference as the Lookup formula expects a sorted row or
column to find that desired result so in this case I want to know the
orders I received some emails from some customers and I put in their order ID
and I want to look these order IDs up in my raw data and I’m going to use the
lookup formula for finding that information so let’s go over to the
formula which is the Lookup so I type in Lookup and the first thing that I need to
do is I need to find the search key well the search key is equal to A10 as
I want to track down that order secondly we’re can find it that order I can find that
order in this range and I want to have these values in return so this range
closed brackets but first I put in some dollar signs as I want to use this
formula for all my products so I want the a1 till gs1 to remain the same but if
you find it difficult please click on the link down below in the description
as this videos is based on a blog post and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if
you want to learn more about the Google sheets formulas in general so I put in
some dollar signs pushing on enter and as you can see this product is received
this order but I want to know that for all of my products and double-clicking the equation and as
you can see all my products are received except this one but this isn’t a problem
as it’s already in transport but I also put in a fake order and as you can
see it does say that it’s received well there’s one flaw in the Lookup formula
you can’t have an exact match it always picks the closest relative so if you
want to have an exact match then I will suggest you to use the Hlookup
or the Vlookupformula but this is how I use the Lookup formula I want to thank
you for your time if you liked the video please leave a like and goodbye have a
nice day

1 thought on “How to use the LOOKUP formula in Google Sheets”

  1. this is not how it works u can even see it en the video order 90030 says RECEI on the lookup order status but if you look at the original order status it says INC what you need to use for this use is Hlookup like this first you select search word then you select the hole area then you type 5 as in the row 5 in the area you selected earlier the you type false so it looks like this =HLOOKUP(A8,A1:GS5,5,false) and a tip to lock a cell in a formula you can just press F4 and HLOOKUP is for horizontal and VLOOKUP vertical
    Hope this helps

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