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How to use Walkie Talkie on your Apple Watch — Apple Support

How to use Walkie Talkie on your Apple Watch — Apple Support

Voiceover: From your backyard
to the kitchen, or a beach hut
to a ski lodge, Walkie-Talkie lets you
chat back and forth using your Apple Watch,
no matter the distance. Here’s how to get started. First, make sure
your Apple Watch is running watchOS 5. Now sure how to update? Check out the link
in the description below. To start using Walkie-Talkie, press the Digital Crown
to go to the Home screen. Then open the Walkie-Talkie app. You’ll see a list
of suggested contacts that you can use
Walkie-Talkie with. Tap on a contact name
to send them an invite. Once they accept, you’ll
see their card turn yellow and you’ll receive
a notification. To add more people to your list,
tap the yellow back button in the upper-left corner
of your watch. Scroll down
and tap the plus sign and then tap
another suggested contact to send them an invite. Once your friend has accepted,
you’re ready to chat. Tap Open Walkie-Talkie
to start. Then, touch and hold
the Talk button to start chatting
back and forth. “Whoa. Check out
the snow forecast!” And just release the Talk button
when you’re done talking. If your friend is unavailable,
you’ll see this screen. Oh, well.
Let’s try another friend. Tap OK. Then tap the yellow back button and select another contact. Now, touch and hold
the Talk button again. “Got an extra lift ticket.
You in?” Then release the Talk button
when you’re done. When your friend responds,
you’ll hear their voice immediately and without
a notification. Shota: Yeah. Let’s go! Voiceover: Just like that. If you don’t want to be
reached on Walkie-Talkie, let your contacts know
you’re not available. Tap the yellow back button, scroll up, and turn off
your availability. Turning Do Not Disturb on
or using Theater Mode will also turn off
your availability. Copy that! For all the latest tips
and how-tos, subscribe to
the Apple Support channel or tap another video
to keep watching now. ♪ Music playing ♪

100 thoughts on “How to use Walkie Talkie on your Apple Watch — Apple Support”

  1. Apple Watch 3, updated to watch OS 5, both my wife and I have used the walkie talkie function once before it stopped working.

  2. My watch is up to date and my phone is updated and I don’t have walkie talkie downloaded on my watch2 with the update. What should I do?

  3. Let me guess, next update will have Group Walkie Talkie? You can call it channels like the frequency channels in real walkie talkies.

  4. Apple Watch 4 – 44 mm iOS 5.01. NO Walkie-Talkie
    upgrade to iOS 5.1.1. NO Walkie-Talkie
    Now I'm waiting for the iconic "not available in your region" message.

  5. You know it’s amazing. I watched several videos on walkie talkie for Apple Watch, and not 1 person said anything about downloading the FaceTime app for it to work!

  6. Hey anyone , scrolling throughout these comments I’m having a rough day make sure you have a beautiful day , don’t stress out too much and I’m looking forward to praying for you and hoping all is safe wherever you are

  7. Imagine forgetting to turn off this mode during class.
    “Adam got dammit where is the cheese!”
    in a middle of pop quiz

  8. I’m fully up to date on my watch (series 2) but I don’t have the app even though I had a before and never deleted. Can anyone help?

  9. APPLE – PLEASE COME UP WITH A USEFUL GPS & WALKIE OPTION FOR KIDS. I’m willing to purchase an Apple Watch for my 6 year old, but not cell service. Is there something available out there? We are an all Apple family. My 11 year old has a watch & phone. The other GPS tracking wearables are awful.

  10. My 4 series doesn't have the walkie talkie app on it (yellow icon) and when i go to App Store to look for it there are a few other different apps offered but not this exact one from Apple — what gives?

  11. Lets all get rich friends who have multiple Apple devices. I’m an Apple fan girl and I really enjoy using my devices but hello, not everyone uses Apple .

  12. So my dad got an Apple Watch Series 4 from my mom and it’s up to date but the Walkie Talkie app isn’t even there.

  13. Okey…. let's make one app that is like Zello. They has just done a copy of zello. Look it up for your selfs…. nothing new here ^^ but a litle less Good…

  14. Does it work on the series 2 ? I have it on my watch but I can’t send or receive invites. also my friend has the series 3 watch.

  15. I have a problem with my Apple Watch Series 1. The microphone is not working, i tried doing the suggestions on the Apple Website but it didn't work, i think my microphone is damaged or broken. Any more suggestions Apple or i must go to an Apple Store?

  16. Me and a co worker tried it and it works!!! its actually really funny and cool 🙂 !!! We were laughing so hard because we are right next to each other and just talking through a walkie talkie app. He has a series 3 and i have the series 4 and its compatible. If its not working for you its probably because they are not suggested contacts. When it say "suggested contact" that mean that person have a apple watch with the walkie talkie app. If its just showing your contacts that mean those people dont have the app. When you send an invite that person also have to accept it in order for it to work. Its literally a 2 second process. dont make it any harder than what it has to be. The video is self explanatory.

  17. I’m trying to connect my watch with my wife’s and it is telling me that she is not available…what can i do?

  18. Now I have to upgrade from my iWatch 0, which is no longer supported with upgrades, to a more modern version. Very cool feature.

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