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How to view, delete, or pause watch history in YouTube Music

How to view, delete, or pause watch history in YouTube Music

Your recommendations
and personalized stations are, in part, based on
videos that you’ve watched. You can view, delete,
and pause your watch history to customize
your YouTube Music experience. To view your watch history tap your profile photo tap “Settings” select “Privacy & location” then tap “Manage watch history.” To delete a video you’ve watched,
tap the menu icon next to the video then tap delete. You can also access your history
by tapping your profile photo and tapping “History.” You can pause your history so videos that you watch
won’t show in your watch history and won’t be used
to improve your recommendations. To pause or unpause your watch history tap your profile photo go to your settings select “Privacy & location” slide the toggle
next to “Pause watch history” to turn on or off. Your watch history settings
are shared between YouTube and YouTube Music so pausing watch history on YouTube Music
will also pause watch history on YouTube. And that’s it! Subscribe to our channel
for more YouTube tips and tricks.

57 thoughts on “How to view, delete, or pause watch history in YouTube Music”

  1. Today my YouTube sub feed is showing hundreds of very old videos! I've always kept a clean feed by hiding ones I've watched so I know where I'm up to, and here you guys flood me, all of a sudden, with month old, year old, years old vids! Get your act together guys and stops fiddling around with settings and making the site a misery for us channels with your constant changes! 😈

  2. First eliminate the anime Now you want to delete the guitar tutorials?
    People who learn on their own serve this much I am very upset with this, before everything was better but now at least they are fixed

  3. I am having an issue where people go to search my channel but it does not pop up and i have discoverd that my custom channel link i had years back is causing it to not be found with wistler, is their a way to remove this?

  4. А я не понимаю английского и нет субтитров 😥

  5. Hey YouTube, Please Stopped Fake Copyright claim by third parties on videos and there isn't copyright content then also third party try to claim on content which isn't . YouTube Please look on the matter it's Serious problem for YouTubers.

  6. Here is a great idea, why don't you just give YouTube back to the original owner. Because I am tired of having to use a G-Mail on this stupid site. It would be more popular if you could use any e-mail. I would still be using Yahoo Mail right now if I did not want to be popular on YouTube. I mean, just look at Facebook. Sure, they steal data. And sure, 2.8 million people left in 2017. But at least they were able to STAY ONLINE. And NOT HAVE TO GLITCH AND GET THE WHOLE SITE UNUSABLE. Oh, and they didn't DESTROY THEIR SITE BY ADDING STUPID GOOGLE +.

  7. So. I used 5 seconds of a NCS song, but come on it's 5 seconds (copyright doesn't apply if it's shorter than 30 secs) and got copyrighted are u serious people back there?

  8. Welcome to the YouTube support team

    I have a problem with my channel review being delayed, but I have applied for review for months but so far I have not monetized my channel and also know that my channel is not in violation of the Community Guidelines and that it requires all channel review terms and conditions and I would like you to review my channel as soon as possible.

    You accept me very much

  9. Dude can u enable my community tab I have already 1.2k subscribers and its now up too one week and I don't have community guide line and copy right strike thank you please enable my community tab now

  10. We hope you will enter the automatic translation on YouTube
    We want the video language to be translated into Arabic
    There are videos spoken in different languages ​​such as French, Spanish and Italian and Japanese
    Please enter automatic translation into Arabic
    We want to translate it automatically
    Please send my message to YouTube administrators

  11. hola , mi canal esta desmonetizado por uso inapropiado de personajes de entretenimiento familiar y no importa cuantos videos borre siempre rechazan la solicitud , me gustaria que alguien revisara mi canal y me dijera exactamente cuales de mis videos son inapropiados , asi podre borrarlos y mi canal sera apto de nuevo , por favor alguien reviselo .

  12. We hope you will enter the automatic translation on YouTube
    We want the video language to be translated into Arabic
    There are videos spoken in different languages ​​such as French, Spanish and Italian and Japanese
    Please enter automatic translation into Arabic
    We want to translate it automatically
    Please send my message to YouTube administrators

  13. 175 k subscribers and 2.5 milion watch time. Suspended for "misleading metadata" and that was not true. I am very sick and i am planing to kill myself.I am waiting 4 moths for second review. I cant take this anymore.i am single mom with autoimune disease.I BEGG YOU. HELP ME

  14. Well I was directed here for help but can't see a video that deals specifically with my issue. My issue is-when I make a comment on any video's, it repeats itself about 6 times. I then can't delete it unless I refresh the page and sometimes then it doesn't delete. It's most annoying! It's like some kind of glitch and I don't know who to get help from..

    Very annoying seeing all the music in between normal Videos.
    Music and Video’s should be seperate. What good is a Youtube Gaming service when the most viewed Videos are all music video’s. So you cant easily see what VEDEOS are really at the top.
    Instead of Youtube Gaming, make an Youtube Music, seperate from the app.
    Most expensive music streaming service, pls fix it already !

  16. Please Help YouTube and or Google!
    IN the last month or so I've been noticing Minecraft and robolux crap in my recommended feed.
    Well, I don't play, watch nor subscribe. My brain cells are to learn things, needless to say, these videos are ruining my data with ATT and what's recommended for me.
    Now the BIG item is I started noticing that MANY very long videos of those gaming channels are showing up in my History as if I watched them and even showing I gave a thumbs up and subscribed!
    So the last 2 days while I go to work, I shut my browsers down on my PC and turn it off, yet when I get home after working 12.25hrs it showed I have watched hours upon hours of these games AND subscribed!
    This is an invasion of my privacy, hijacking, theft of my data, loss of my time, false views, false subscriptions, and MASSIVE spam!
    I've tried everything from, clicking NOT INTERESTED in CHANNEL, VIDEO, etc… They still keep coming up and then I've even blocked a few and unsubscribed to those I never subscribed to!
    Today, I left a comment on UNspeakable games to a guy named Nolan asking him or his bots to stop this immediately. He did respond but onl said so why are you watching this! (jerk!)
    So from the dozen or so channels hjaking my data, PC and time I've notice ALL these channels have millions of subscribers and most have 1.5 billion views!!! WTF!?!?!?!?!?
    PLEASE HELP ME and all those that are having the same issue. I may just get the FCC, Local Police on these hijackings of my data, PC, monies, channel, IP addy and so much more! ATT u-verse also noticed that while I was in bed and or at work my usage was skyrocketing!
    This has gone on too long and needs to stop ASAP! PLEASE HELP so I don't have to go the legal action with lawyers.
    I've worked very hard on my channel over the years, wildlife, flowers, NAture and just some interesting videos that many can learn from and some that are quite boring for the average Joe who's attention span is no longer than 52 seconds!
    It's August 1st, 2019 11:35pm
    I don't how else to get with youtube even being a partner for almost 10 years you'd think us dedicated, loyalty and honest TUbers should be able to get help ASAP!
    Anyway, thanks for your time and again, please respond as fast as you can, this is crazy and VERY illegal activity!

  17. ดูในสิ่งที่ดีก็มีประโหยด ทำให้เราเพลิดเพินดีครับ

  18. I only have privacy and not privacy and location to click on. Also the icons next to the videos on my subscription time line does not have a delete option but has a hide button which does not work. I have asked for youtube assistance to clear the videos on my subscription time line since may this year but have had no help.

  19. Please please help clear for good the videos I have watched or do not wish to watch from my subscription feed page. I have been unable to do this for about six months now and have asked for your help several times via the feedback system but nil has happened. Please help

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