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How to vlog with your PHONE | iPhone

How to vlog with your PHONE | iPhone

Happy Easter
it is Easter Sunday and we decided actually it’s a little awkward but we
decided to get a hotel last night and yeah we’re about 30 40 miles away from
the sand dunes we’re going to hit it up again this morning for Easter Sunday and
kind of do a cool little Easter egg hunt in the sand yesterday I actually forgot
to pack an extra shirt packed everything else but not an extra shirt so
unfortunately I gotta wear what I wore yesterday just chaotic and I know I
grabbed a shirt I bleed our pilot 2 right there on the bed right next to the
back so is what it is but not gonna let that stop the day Easter Sunday love you a beast your Corbin along with packing
unpacking his shirt pack the wrong shoes these are old and I thought hey we’re
gonna be in sand when a pack old shoes you know check these out yeah so unfortunately ever hold my shoe
it’s gonna be a messy day all right dressed ready ate breakfast
came back up to the room going to load the car head on to the sand dune so
today is Sunday this actually marks only five more days till we leave back it’s
back to Texas it’s bittersweet excited to go back but very I’m going to miss
this place you know Colorado is just absolutely
beautiful there’s people outside my talk made it to the all right it’s good fun maybe maybe a little bit of a hike
oh no prep for it but what’s a day we will today he’s gonna like it
man the audio the wind is actually so much better than it was last night
Happy Easter ah all right made it back to the group and it s the its beat yeah it’s deep photos Laidback some better
we lost Travis in a minute

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